Good things come to those who wait. Knitted things.

Ta dah!

It’s time to make good on the promise I made in my Pay It Forward post. I pledged to created a hand knitted gift for the first three commenters on that blog post.

Gift number 1 is now ready and will soon be winging its way to California where I hope it will be joyfully received by Q of Curls and Q.

A careful survey of the Curls and Q blog revealed something very important about Q. She has a thing for tea.

  • Unplanned Tea: Q visits the Aubrey Tea Room, drinks cream tea, wears a fancy hat, and picks up a single serve tea-pot/cup combo.
  • Birthtea Party: Q celebrates her birthday with tea and scones, plus home-made lemon curd.
  • Tea Spout Do-Dad: Q presented a free pattern for a knitted tea spout wrap to prevent that annoying dripping problem. What a fabulous use of random yarn scraps

I’d just found a very pretty Ribbed and Ruffled Tea Cozy pattern from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas. Perfect! The cozy below was knitted from 1 skein of Noro Kureyon.

My cats were really interested in the cozy. Must smell a little like sheep.
Orion was determined not to be left out of the tea cozy intrigue.

No sooner had I decided to knit Q a cozy than she published the following blog post: Cozy up with a Cozy. Total tea cozy porn. I messaged her immediately to tell her about the scary coincidence. Been stalking my favorites list, Q?

I hope Q enjoys the cozy.

Also, thank you to Q for nominating me for a Reader Appreciation Award. I’ll be following up on it soon.

Next up in the trio of winners: Either anastasiawraight or collegeknitting. Time to blog stalk them and wait for inspiration to strike.


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