Pay it Forward Returns – Revenge of the Knerds

Does that work? K-nerds? Knitting nerds?

Several months ago, I jumped on the Pay It Forward bandwagon, promising to send a surprise knitted gift to the first three commenters on my post. I, in turn, had replied to another blogger’s pay it forward post. A couple of them, actually. A fun activity. I figured chances were less than 50/50 that I would actually receive anything from any of the other bloggers, good intentions or not. I know how easy it is to forget about these things.

I, myself, have only sent two of the three gifts I intended to send. I still owe one to Ms. Anastasia Wright of For the Knit of It.  In order to make good and send the gift within 365 days I must send it by the end of July. I’ll do my best.

Imagine the thrill when I returned  from my honeymoon to find not one but two pay-it-forward gifts waiting for me. 

From Beskwhoknits at Polka Dots and Sparkles.

Tasty tea and a strainer spoon. I’ve been drinking that tea all week.
gift stuff
An embroidered sampler that touches on both my crafty side and my dancer side. Nice touch.
cat ribbon
Orion’s favorite part was the ribbon.

And from Q at Curls & Q:

A hand made project bag AND a little bag for my spinning wheel (just the size to hold my oil and orifice hook).

Thank you guys!

K-nerds rule!


  1. Lovely gifts!! I kept wondering about that bit in your gravatar, “knitting and dancing”. I wondered if it meant knitting and happy dancing afterward or like knitting and serious dancing in a professional sense. You know, not at all meaning that happy dancing can’t be serious… 😉

    • Hah. Ballroom dancing. If you go back far enough on this blog the entries used to be more dance focused.

  2. Q – Hi Caity, I totally forgot to tell you that you’ve been nominated for the Hang A Star On That One award. It’s given to people who have enriched our “crafting” world and kept the economy alive!

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