Telling Stories While I Knit (or Spin)


This is going to seem like a real odd-duck post for me. Did you know I’m into role-playing games (RPGs)? Well, now you do. We have a group that meets every week. I knit or spin the entire time, and we tell stories together. It’s wonderful fun.

This post was written by one of the members of our group as part of an RPG blog carnival.


Mental Propinquity


The RPG Blog Carnival topic for September is established settings. This is coming in just under the wire because–in addition to being busy–I had to sort out my many, and sometimes contradictory, thoughts on the topic. So here you’ll get a broad overview of why I think people love RPGs using established settings, and why I think they’re usually a bad idea–and how to better get what you really want when you play in an established setting.

My next couple blog posts will look at some other setting-related topics, including my experiences with published RPGs using pre-existing settings, and why the setting of Four Colors al Fresco is the way it is. 

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  1. We love your blog! Love the humor and off-the-wall “stuff”, so, we’ve nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award. You can find out info at today’s post. Keep up the great work!

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