Sunshine on a Cloudy Day – FO Friday

It may be dreary outside, but this cardigan is bringing me sunshine.

A dose of vitamin D on a rainy day. Pattern is Vitamin D by Heidi Kirrmaier.

I’m wearing a yellow hand knit cardigan  to work today and I feel wonderful. Not just wonderful, but joyful.

Every time I look away from my keyboard and my glance glides over my yellow, woolly sleeve I feel a sense of enormous pride. Here is something beautiful and useful that I made with my own hands. The stockinette is smooth. The fit is good (better than I expected). The color is bright, cheerful and (bonus) doesn’t clash with my wardrobe.

I learned quite a bit in knitting this garment. I learned how to use short rows to shape a garment. I fell in love with how graceful a knit can look when constructed in long curves instead of straight blocks.

The eyelets didn’t turn out half bad either.


    • I’m knitting four or five things right now. And I’ve got a couple projects waiting in the wings. Definitely polyamorous when it comes to knitting.

  1. Beautiful! I love a good bold yellow (or orange.) So cheerful and exciting- and it does look great!

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