WIP Wednesday

Happy WIP Wednesday.

Today I’m featuring the Work Sock. That’s what I’m calling this sock, because I’ve been working on on it bit by bit for more than a month during snatches of free time at work.

My Hermione sock, knitted in Cascade Heritage Paints. Can't remember the colorway off the top of my head, but it's something pretty, blue and subdued. It's just possible that I might actually wear this sock to work, instead of leaving it in the drawer at home.
And yes, that's a red stapler. More on that some other time.

I chose the Hermione’s Everyday Sock pattern by Erica Lueder. I thought it would be an easy pattern to pick up and put down: a necessary feature when knitting in the break room. You would think people would let you knit in peace, but they don’t. Not that I mind chatting; I’m social and I like chatting, but when I chat I drop stitches. Or I forget what I’m doing and knit an entire round of garter stitch. Sigh.


    • A quick search on Ravelry turns up scads of Hermione inspired items. Hats, mittens, sweaters… and truly creepy looking hook rug. My apologies to the designer, but I hope no one ever immortalizes my face in a hook rug.

  1. Work knitting gets me through the day sometimes! It’s great to be able to get something extra done during non-free hours.

  2. Love your red stapler! I tend to have one of those “easy to pick up and put down” projects going at all times too, but unfortunately I don’t get much time at work for them. Most of my time on those is sitting in heavy traffic or in the waiting room or some such.

    • Thanks. Having that red stapler around fulfills my need to engage in subversive activities at the office. I love getting people’s reactions when they see it and recognize it. “Ahhh. A red stapler, huh?” It’s like a secret hand shake.

  3. I noticed your Tom Bihn project bag in the pic. I’m an avid Tom Bihn fan — I have The Swift, project bags, small notions bags, a backpack, iPad case, and laptop sleeve. I think I alone keep them in business!

    • I really like the Tom Bihn bags. I use a couple of the small bags with the clear bottoms for my purse projects. Usually socks. And I use a Swift as my primary go-to-knitting-group bag. Nice and sturdy, with just enough room for me to carry two or more projects, depending on size. I ran into another Swift carrier at Yarnover who said she uses hers as her purse. Doesn’t bother to carry a regular purse anymore.

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