Gencon knitting part 5

I’ve saved most of mitten #2 for the trip home. If all goes well, I’ll get the body done by the time we make it home.


Gencon knitting part 4

I spent a couple of hours knitting in the Gencon Open Crafting Room this afternoon. It’s such a lovely, quiet room and a welcome break from the Saturday crowds. Sadly I don’t have much progress to show you on my mittens. I ended up ripping back to the cuff of mitten number 2 after discovering a dropped stitch.

There were lots of other crafty things to enjoy at Gencon today, however, even though my knitting was a bust. Saturday is the biggest day for cosplayers (people attending in costume). There is a costume parade and a contest in the afternoon.

I admire the amount of effort many of the cosplayers put into their costumes. Some real crafty talent was on display.



Cardhalla was also in fine form this year.


Gencon knitting part 3

A linen top. Working on the stockinette body. Great game knitting. I don’t have to pay attention to it.

I’ve only knitted a few inches of this today.


Also an awesome handmade hat.


Gencon knitting part 2

1 mitten finished apart from the thumb. Cast on mitten number 2.



GenCon Knitting Part 1

I started these Selbu-Baaa-Ter mittens to keep me entertained on the long drive to GenCon. Pattern by Mary Scott Huff.


Happy birthday to me. I’m 33 years old today.

We’re visiting my parents for the week while my husband attends a grad school orientation class.  Mom offered to make popovers for my birthday breakfast. Who could say no to that? “It’ll be just like Little Women!” I crowed.


Popovers all poofy and gorgeous, straight out of the oven.

And here's Mom "stabbing" the popovers to release the air.

And here’s Mom “stabbing” the popovers to release the air.

Mmm. Popovers with sour cherry jam. Heaven.

Mmm. Popovers with sour cherry jam. Heaven.

Tonight I’ll go along with mom to her knitting group.

And later this week we’ll play with her drum carder. I brought along most of my cleaned Jacob fleece for us to experiment with.

1. In life there are no do-overs. But there are in knitting. All the time! I started over on this Evenstar shawl five freaking times.  And every few rows I find something that requires me to tink back a bit. I do this more with lace than with any other type of knitting. Is lace somehow the antithesis of life?

My Evenstar. Oh so many stitches to go.

2. Never tell your problems to anyone…20% don’t care and the other 80% are glad you have them. The person who said this never tried to bring their dropped stitches or messed up cables to my knitting group. Always bring your knitting problems to knitting group…20% can help you fix them and the other 80% are glad you asked because they have the same problem.

3. Enjoy your own life without comparing with that of another.  I derive great enjoyment comparing and sharing my knitting with others.  4 million+ other Ravelry users agree.



4. Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. I find that my knitting shrinks or expands in unpredictable ways. Because gauge swatches lie!  It’s got nothing to do with courage and everything to do with the gremlins who come out at night and stretch my sweater arms out of shape.

5. Life is wasted on the living.  Try inserting “knitting” in place of “life” and you get a very creepy statement. All I can think of is my lovely knitting projects getting buried underground and full of rot and maggots. Yech!  When I die, pass my sweaters out to living people who can still appreciate them. Vampires don’t count (they don’t get cold).


Happy knitting, everyone. Remember not to take life/your knitting too seriously.

That’s one truism I’ll keep.


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