So much lack of posting


But I’m back.

I feel like so many bloggers take breaks, and then spend their whole next post trying to explain why they were gone for so long.

I’m not gonna do that. Here’s why I didn’t post: I didn’t feel like it. And not in a bad way. Just that. I didn’t feel like it.

So let’s move on…

Lots of spinning has happened since we last met. Most of it spindling with my little Akerworks travel spindle.

And there’s been lots of knitting.

And I even learned how to crochet a few months ago…and got obsessed for a bit.

I went to January Thaw and Zombie Knitpocalypse to hang with my knitting pals.

Now it’s getting to be sweater weather again. And I have still not finished by NaKniSweMo2016 Sweater. I have a mental block. It’s just sitting there. Tell me to finish it. Tell me I have to. It’s my destiny. Tell me now.

What have you been up to?


  1. Knit the sweater!
    It was so good meeting you at ZK.

    You truly did inspire me to knit my first handspun sweater in November and my currently neglected Lamina was inspired as to colors/scraps by you.

    Glad you are back. But you know that already.

  2. I know you want me to tell you to get on with the sweater, but knitting should be fun. Let it sit there for a while until you want to knit it, and *then* knit it. It’s not going anywhere, the only deadline is your head.

    P.s.- love the spinning. I should dig my spindle out sometime 🙂

  3. Welcome back! *sternly* And finish your sweater! Lol, not that I should talk, I am chipping away very slowly at a mountain of WIPs and getting distracted by my spinning too!

  4. Life happens sweetie. Believe me, I know! My poor blog has been super quiet too. I should be crocheting right now, but I’m going to do an update (about how I’ve bitten off more than I can chew LOL). Welcome to the crochet vortex. People may try to deter you from using your spinning for crochet because it does use more yarn than knitting. I’ve just recently said to heck with that… I’d rather use more yarn than have a whack of skeins sitting around waiting for me to knit them when I have time. I’ve had skeins sitting for a couple of years with that kind of thinking. Crochet has been my go-to because I can do it faster than knitting. When time is of the essence, you do what works!

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