Tour de Fleece Starts Tomorrow

Tour de Fleece starts tomorrow and for once I’m not out of town or suffering from a hand or finger injury, which means I can participate. Yay me!

For those who are unfamiliar, Tour de Fleece is an annual event for fiber spinners that coincides with the Tour de France cycling race.  We set goals for ourselves, share our progress, and enjoy online fiber camaraderie.

I’ve joined Team Akerworks this year, since most of my spinning (at least spinning of singles) tends to happen on their modular drop spindles. The official tag for this year is TDF2018 and the team tag is TeamAkerworks2018. It’s a team mostly focused on having fun, with a chance to win some prizes. Definitely my speed.

image title

During TdF I am going to try to commit to these basic shared goals:

  • Spin every day the Tour rides, if possible. Saturday July 7 through Sunday July 29th. Days of rest: Monday, July 16th and Monday, July 23rd. (Just like the actual tour.)
  • Spin something challenging on the challenge days (usually the toughest high mountain stage, usually the toughest high mountain stage: this year, the first one is Stage 10, on Tuesday July 17 and on Wednesday, July 25th.
  • Wear yellow on Sunday July 29th to announce victory.

In addition, some personal goals:

  • Share photos and progress throughout. Get back into blogging.
  • Try not to spend all my free time on the couch. If I must spin, I’ll try doing some of it standing, or walking around, or outside the house.
  • Avoid injury. If it hurts, stop and rest. Seriously. I shouldn’t have to tell myself this. But there it is.

The games begin tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it.


  1. Today has been a clusterf&ck of epic proportions in that I haven’t done any spinning for my first day. ::sigh:: I need to get on that before the day is out.

  2. Yay! So glad you are spinning and planning on blogging again; I have missed you. I especially missed not getting to ZK 2018 but I hope to next year. We already had a planned trip with another group. Best regards, Eleanor

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