Designing a Knitworthy Vacation to Ireland

My family has been talking about a trip to Ireland for a few years. Mom and Dad, us grown kids, plus the SOs.

I’m in research mode right now, trying to break down very large guide books into much smaller lists of things I want to see and do. So daunting at first, but once I grab onto a particular thread of interest, it all gets easier.

To the surprise of absolutely no one in my family, the first serious priority I’m researching is fiber and knitting related destinations. (Later I’ll look seriously into two other big priorities: music and picturesque ruins.)

Here’s my list so far:

  1. Galway School of Knitting: I hear they have classes. They don’t seem to have a website however.
  2. Aran Islands (of cabled sweater fame).
  3. The Sheep and Wool Heritage Centre – Leenane, Connemara
  4. National Museum of Country Life – County Mayo
  5. Foxford Woolen Mills – Country Mayo
  6. Studio Donegal –  Kilcar, County Donegal

Where should we visit? I know there must be scads of wonderful, wooly places to visit. I doubt we’ll get to visit them all, but I’d like to know which you think are the best.


  1. I missed the Aran Islands when I was there – you should definitely go! In addition to Foxford, there’s Blarney Woolen Mills. That’s where the wool for my beloved Aran sweater came from.

    • Great tip. I was already thinking I might prefer to spend more time near Cork than Dublin. So the Blarney Woolen Mill is a great idea.

  2. Hi, although I live in Ireland, I’ve never visited any of those places! I do know that ‘this is knit’ in Dublin put on a good selection of classes/workshops. Also Cushendale mills are on my list of places to visit -its in kilkenny so wouldn’t be too far from Cork or Dublin.

    • I was hoping someone from Ireland would comment ! Thanks for your recommendations. I’ll have to look into Cushendale mills. I’m sure there are good mills to visit everywhere. I’d love to find a museum devoted to Irish needle crafts. Let me know if you know of a good one.

      • I can’t think of any specific museums right now but there is a lace museum in Kenmare in Kerry -it looks small but very interesting -they also run a wknd festival but I think that was in March. I haven’t gotten there yet, although I’d love to do one of their lace workshops, which seem to run regularly. Search Kenmare lace and it should get you some info.
        Also might be worth looking up Carol Fellers website/ blog, she had some info on Irish wool as far as I remember. I’m doing exams at the moment, so a bit distracted, but if I think of any more I’ll send details 🙂

  3. Ho dear, I’ve dreamt of going back to Ireland for years, I can’t wait to hear from your trip, there must be really interesting knitting-related places to see ! I know Ireland has a wide range of GF food easily available at supermarkets too.

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