Destashing is Good for the Soul

I have a tendency to horde yarn. When I buy yarn, I invest it with possibilities: a story of what it will be someday. It’s hard to give up those stories.

So I tell myself a new story. The story of a woman discovered smothered in her guest room by her own stash. And all that yarn, once full of possibilities, is now full full of vomit and maggots. Useful to no one. Except, possibly, the maggots.

For the first time in my knitting life, I am doing a destash. I have carefully reviewed every hank and skein. Anything that doesn’t give me a spark of joy (followed by a blast of pattern ideas) I am going to jettison. This is yarn that, hopefully, will find purpose in someone else’s stash and someone else’s yarn stories.

Have a good life, my little woolies (and non-wooly brethren).

The Destash – Seriously good prices, folks, with shipping included (US only)

Take a gander. There are some nice yarns here looking for loving homes. Here is just  the top of the destash page. Trust me, there’s more.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 5.11.20 PM





    • This was supposed to be good for the soul. But I guess I was only thinking of my own soul. Oh dear.

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