And now for something completely different


I decided recently that I wanted to set myself a goal to learn more about wine. I like drinking wine. I enjoy the picturesque quality of hilly wine country. But I really don’t know much about tasting wine. I can tell you “I like this” or “I don’t like this” or occasionally “yuck.” But not a lot more.

I picked up a book called Great Wine Made Simple from my local library as a place to start. Lots of really useful information in this book for the wine nube. A helpful discussion about common wine body styles and what is meant by terms like “dry”, “oaky,” “crisp” or “tannic. I used to mix up “crisp” and “tannic” so its very useful to have some solid definitions. Following this, the book launches into a survey of common grapes and wine making regions.

Since this subject is so new to me, I made lots of notes and then studied my notes to try to keep it all straight. My brain demands that I write things down if I want to learn them properly.

Not satisfied with this, I converted my handwritten notes into reference charts. Something I can tuck into my purse before my next visit to a winery.

Do you find this helpful? What information do you wish you had had available to you when you first started learning about wine?

Wine Tasting Cheat Sheet



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6 thoughts on “And now for something completely different

  1. We have a lot of wineries around here, so I’ve sampled a good variety, but I still find that a lot of the descriptions they come up with are beyond me. I’ve learned I prefer light, crisp whites and more medium reds, but beyond that I couldn’t really tell you!

  2. I come from a country that prides itself in having lots of award-winning wines (yes, we often beat the French). However, we don’t make wines according to castes, we mix them to obtain interesting results, so I often have trouble with charts describing a pure Shiraz or Chardonnay. And wines made with immature grapes, have you tried those? They can be very interesting 😊
    Having said this, well done on the chart! Now you’ll be able to impress the guests with your ample knowledge 😀

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