Caught the spindle bug

My KCL spindle and I have almost made it through an entire bag of Hobbledehoy Battlings this week. 

Don’t those little cones of singles look just like Christmas trees? 

Spindle Review: This is my first time spinning with this spindle; even though I’ve had it for a while. It spins well and smoothly and the little notches on the whorl are well placed. It only starts to have trouble when the spindle gets loaded down. It’s hard to keep the single firmly lodged in the little notch. Maybe a taller hook would help?

Battlings Review: The colors are very pretty and the fiber prep is mostly very good. I’m not a fan of the random bits of yarn carded in. At least not for the spindling I’m doing. Maybe for a chunky art yarn. I’ve been pulling them out as I go to offer to the birds for nest making material. Nothing is wasted. 


  1. I have a very similar spindle. My top bit cracked and the guy who made it is more than willing to fix it. I just have not taken the time to send it off to him. Is it the one with the three shafts?

    • Well, I can tell you what I started with, which worked for me. I started with a medium weight top whorl drop spindle. It was very cheap. Something made with a dowel and a wooden toy wheel. No point in investing in something fancier unless you’re sure you like it. You can get such things online easily. Ashford and Shacht both make some very good entry level spindles as well.

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