Knitting Baby Stuff is Seriously Addictive

I’ve been knitting baby stuff lately, and here’s today’s important knitting PSA: Knitting Baby Stuff is Seriously Addictive.

  • There’s a tremendous satisfaction in casting on a sweater and finishing it in just a couple of days.
  • Suddenly there’s a proper use for all those single skeins in your stash. You don’t have to make endless hats and mitts with them. Just one robust skein can make a whole munchkin-sized garment.
  • Related to my last point, baby stuff is an excellent way to use up small amounts of handspun yarn. You just have to make sure it’s washable.  I can’t tell you how many 200-400 yard hanks of handspun I have in my stash. Mostly the result of spinning up a 4-oz bump of fiber and then chain-plying it.
  • The knit-worthiness of a child depends primarily on the primary laundry doers in their household. If the parents are knit-worthy, it’s probably safe to give stuff to their kids.
  • If the parents are knit-worthy, then they’re usually really appreciative of knitted gifts. This makes you feel all fuzzy inside and creates a beneficial knitwear feedback loop, which the family will continue to benefit from in the future.
  • The garments are so cute. They’re like big eyes on kittens. They stimulate all your cuddly, protective instincts.

Here are two of the baby things I’ve knitted in the last few weeks. I want to knit more. The solution is to either knit more things for the babies I know, or to acquire more babies somehow.


  1. I have been knitting baby things as well and having a great time. What got me going was the Princess Charlotte baby hat. I loved knitting that. Then I made a lace hat and a blanket. I think I will to a tiny sweater next.

    • I’m going to have to look for that Princess Charlotte hat. A new royal baby is such a good excuse for a baby knitwear collection. Interweave should do a themed issue, like the Harry Potter issue.

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