Strange Knit-mares

Does your knitting creep into your nightmares? I had a knit-mare a few nights ago.

In the dream, I had unraveled my new holiday party sweater and started knitting something else with the yarn: a plain, shapeless cardigan with no character or style. Such a depressing transition. And I don’t think it was even intended to be for me. My dream-self felt very sorrowful about this change, but also very virtuous. I was like a nun renouncing worldly things.

*Heavy dream sob.*

This morning I woke up and was surprised to find the sweater still on my shelf. I felt pleased, but also oddly disappointed. My virtuous knit-halo was gone.

Does your knitting invade your dreams?


  1. A couple of weeks ago I dreamt about my knitting. I was making a hat on straight needles and I was so mad at myself because I know how to knit in the round so why wasn’t I doing it like that. Needless to say I cast on a hat the next day, in the round.

  2. All the time … but usually it’s when I’ve gone to bed with a knitting problem on my mind. Sometimes I actually dream the solution. Other times, I just wake up and accept the fact that I’m going to have to frog all or part of the problem to get back to where the problem began.

    • It’s odd that I haven’t had more knit-mares. Because when I’m awake I have all sorts of anxiety about frogging and other such things.

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