My New Holiday Party Sweater

I have a few knitted sweaters in my wardrobe that are thick and roomy, hardy and cozy: perfect to wear while raking leaves or running errands on a blustery morning. They’re nothing fancy, but they’re very useful and I get tons of wear out of them.

Then there are the special sweaters; the sweaters I wear only when I’m on my best behavior. Wearing these sweaters makes me stand a little taller. Wearing these sweaters makes me choose white wine over red at a party (the better to clean myself up if I spill). These sweaters are so special that they elevate the rest of the outfits they are worn with (even yoga pants look semi-dressy).

I speak of these special sweaters as a plural thing. They’re actually singular –I’ve only knitted one so far. But having finished that one, I know that someday I will knit more. The plural is aspirational.

The New Hotness 

Here’s my awesome new Briar Rose Tunic — the Caitlin Holiday 2015 Sweater ™.


The pattern is by Elisabeth F. Parker and was featured in one of the first Interweave Knits issues I ever purchased.

The yarn is Sun Valley Fibers MCN (merino, cashmere, nylon) worsted in the Sangria colorway. The color, skein to skein, was not completely consistent, so I alternated skeins throughout. This yarn so soft! I wear this sweater next to my skin and there is literally no prickle at all. None. I’m a big prickle wimp and I don’t notice a thing.

The first time I blocked this sweater, it came out way too long (almost a mini-dress!) and way too wide. To wear it, I’d need either: 1) a new set of fantastic wonder-orbs, or 2) to inject my shoulders with a Schwarzenegger gene complex. The yarn, when wet, seemed eager to stretch, and I was a complete dolt and let it have its head. Lesson learned. Measurements are there for a reason. After a couple of days in time-out, the wool submitted meekly to re-soaking and re-blocking.


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