A Handspun Ishbel Shawl

At last count, the Ishbel shawl by Ysolda Teague boasted 12,819 projects on Ravelry. As Ravelry patterns go, it’s a lacy little juggernaut.

Now there’s an amusing mental image. Sadly, when you Google “Juggernaut” and “Lace” you don’t get in image of this guy draped in Shetland lace.

Juggernaut (X-Men)

But you do get this image of a Marie Antoinette-like figure in court robes. Not quite so threatening, but those side panniers could probably take out a whole crowd of nobles if she turned around suddenly.

I digress.

On Sunday, I cast on Ms. Teague’s oh-so-popular shawl. And yesterday I finished it. Eight days for a lace shawl. That’s some kind of record for me. I chose a hank of my precious hand-spun lace weight yarn for this project.

Hand spun 2-ply lace weight. 4 oz. 890 yards.  Polwarth and Silk. Roving purchased from the Gilded Lily (Judith McKenzie’s shop) at Black Sheep Gathering 2013.

I blocked the shawl yesterday afternoon and it dried in just a few hours. I always forget how quickly fine yarns can dry.  Tips of the lace were blocked pretty severely to get the proper leafy effect.


    • Thanks. I was pretty happy with them too. At first I wasn’t sure how well I liked the striping in the main body, but I really liked it in the lace.

      • I’m still a relatively new spinner, and I’m working on getting the yardage I want out of my handspun. I hear that it gets less dense as your skills improve, and I’m hoping that’s true! I also just got a spinning wheel for Christmas, and I can already tell that it’s helping me get better consistency and yardage 🙂 I just love the way shawls look in handspun yarn, and even though I’ve never knit a proper lace shawl, I have this idea that someday I’ll have piles of handspun lacy wraps and I will magically be transformed into someone who knows how to accessorize 😛

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. That is stunningly beautiful! And the subtle colours in the yarn work so well with the subtle lace. I hope you smile every time you wear it. (You ARE going to wear it, yes??)

  2. Stunning. I swear I was that productive a knitter once upon a time! Now even snowed in I’m not getting as much done as you! I love the subtle color changes in your yarn – very cool.

    • Sometimes it seems like the knitting happens I dependent of me. Is suspect little elves, but I’m pretty sure I was present for all of it.

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