On Top of Mount Wooly


Jacob sheep. Evelyn Simak [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

On Top of Mount Wooly

On top of Mount Wooly

All covered with sheep

I lost my sock needle

Getting out of my Jeep


It rolled off my lap

And onto the floor

And then my poor needle

Rolled right out the door


It rolled to the pasture

And under a fence

Then under the hooves

Of a ruminant defense


I howled in frustration

I stamped and I stormed

Then I ran from the ruminants

So I wouldn’t get horned


I went back to the car

And took up my sock

With only four needles

I could still make it work  [Brooklyn accent here]


Driving away from Mount Wooly

I began to regroup

And vowed that next time

I’d try Magic Loop

29 thoughts on “On Top of Mount Wooly

  1. I looked everywhere for the sock needle I lost. My husband looked under the bed; I moved the chairs and baskets to look under and behind them….I gave up and hunted down another needle to use. When I started knitting again, I reached up to push my hair out of my eyes and found the needle–stuck in my hair!

  2. I can so identify. I was already down to four needles when, without setting my knitting down, I went to check on my grandchildren playing in another room and a needle dropped out of my sock and fell down the floor grate to the furnace. I don’t think there’s a good method for knitting a sock with three DP needles. I hope the other set I found in the stash are the same size.

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