4KCBWDAY5: You’re Invited to Participate in a Craft Blogger Survey

I’m participating in the fourth annual Knit Crochet Blog Week, hosted by Eskimimimakes blog.


Today is day five and the topic we’ve been assigned to blog about is: Something Different. The idea is to blog in a way that is different from how I normally blog.

I ordinarily blog in a very memoir-ish, sharing-my-projects style, so today I’m going to branch out and try something very different: blogariffic research.  

I’m calling all you bees, manatees, monkeys and peacocks to participate. Mixed breeds (such as the bee-cocks and monkatees) are welcome too. Also, that one lady who self-identified with house of mule–I especially want you to participate. 

Image from kmonadollaraday.wordpress.com

Join me in a bit of fun, informal research.

This 4KCBW event has been wonderful opportunity to stretch and try new things.

This week, I tried blogging techniques outside my comfort zone that I was uncomfortable with, and the results have mostly been very positive. Before this week, I’d never made an infographic —but and look at me now!  No fear!

Sometimes it takes a drastic move, or the arrival of a magical blue box, to get you out of a rut. Image from http://www.moodychick.co.uk

I’ve created a 4KCBW- themed survey.

The purpose of the survey is to evaluate your experiences as a craft blogger and your specific experience participating in Knit Crochet Blog Week.

  • How confident do you feel in the various skills required of a craft blogger?
  • What do you feel you’ve gained from participating in blog week?

Take the survey  (only 10 questions) and see your results, along with the results of other participants.


Take the survey

At the end, I’ll do a little statistical analysis with the results, which I’ll post here

Thanks in advance for taking part. I look forward to playing with numbers and telling you all about it.


    • So far I’ve seen quite a bit of poetry and a lot of videos.

      I was thinking that we should create a treasury of KCBW poetry.

  1. I like your survey and can’t wait to see the results. I glad I found your blog in the kcbweek.
    I really need to improve my computer skills. I participated last year in the kcbw but this year I have had trouble linking my posts into the google. absolutely none of my post have been linked. I have tried a number of things and even looked to see how I managed it last year…but to no avail. I am tracking other people through google but am not having the fun of meeting other people finding my links.

    • I’m so sorry you’ve had issues this year. The first thing that occurs to me is to look at your blog settings and make sure you’re set to allow public viewing and search engines to find you. I know there’s a setting somewhere.

  2. I took the survey. I showed the TARDIS picture to my sister and she thought it was cute. I don’t watch Dr. Who so I didn’t get it but I loved Shakespear blogging. 🙂

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