4KCBWDAY4: Color Review – A Statistical Moment of Truth

I’m participating in the fourth annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, hosted by Eskimimimakes blog.


Today is day four and the assigned topic is Color Review. The task is to discuss my favorite colors used in my crafting. What do I have in my stash? What do I actually knit with? Is there any significant relationship between these two sets of data?

Here’s a peak into my stash (partial, I assure you):

my yarn 1

And here’s a  look at some of the projects I’ve made:

projects 1

A quick glance tells you there’s a pop of yellow in each collection, some red, a bit of pink, and a healthy dose of green. But it’s hard to tell if there’s any significant relationship between the two collections.

Statistics to the rescue.

Here’s a bar graph showing the distribution of colors in my yarn stash:

yarnAnd here’s a bar graph showing the distribution of colors in my projects on Ravelry:

my projectsDo these graphs look similar? Hardly. There are a few colors that seem well represented in both groups: red, green and gray. But the rest looks like a muddle, doesn’t it?

Now, this is where I could get all weasley and say: “There’s a little overlap, isn’t there? I mean, green here, green there; yellow here, yellow there. And look at how gorgeous those yarns colors are. Surely there’s some justification for the differences based on beauty alone!”

“I’m not here to talk about beauty or to justify your wild spending habits,” growls statistics, menacingly. “I’m here to answer a simple question: Is there any relationship between the yarn colors you buy and the projects you knit?”

Comparing the distributions: A comparison of the distributions of  these two variables (yarn colors and project colors) shows the distributions are significantly different  (significance 0.020, p = 0.05). What this means is that the pattern of colors amongst my yarn collection and the pattern of colors amongst my projects is not the same.

Conclusion: Color Review FAIL


    • You’re right! I bet I can make it to the yarn shop on my lunch break tomorrow. I’ve been thinking about knitting this darling little top Rewoolooza just published…

  1. I think the difference between what color we stash and what color we knit has a lot to do with mood and season. I try to knit brighter colors during the winter to improve my mood. Your projects are lovely:)

    • You’d think so, but I’m not sure if my actual usage has reflected this. Else, I could plan better 🙂

  2. I think that this is nothing to worry about. The yarn in your stash represents your current colour preferences. The FO’s are made with your past stash which is the colours you were drawn to then. We have to change otherwise we would end up with everything made in the same colours and how boring would that be?

    • True. My SO suggested that I should repeat this study sometime looking at total yardage used as opposed to simple incidences of color. I may do that. That might tell yet a difference story.

    • Sort of. I currently work in marketing/communications, so there are some opportunities, although my current position does not require it. Grad school does though 🙂

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