February Finds – On My Struggles to Stay Triogamous

There’s nothing like a yarn diet combined with an important long-term project to make the eyes wander.

I am only allowed three open projects right now:

  • The wedding shawl
  • The not-a-boyfriend-sweater cardigan (which I was supposed to finish before Christmas)
  •  A pair of socks

But I can’t seem to stay triogamous. I don’t think I’ve ever favorited so many new patterns on Ravelry as I have during the last few weeks.

I don’t think woman was ever meant to limit herself to just three knitting projects. It’s against nature…or at least it’s against my nature.

Pain shared is pain halved right? So I’m going to share some of the delightful patterns that have me in agonies right now.

I’m Living in Sweater Dresses Right Now

I have a trio of gorgeous sweater dresses I’ve been pairing with leggings and wearing to work the last couple of months. I would love to have a few more in my wardrobe to provide variety. These gorgeous designs by Kristina McGowan are just the ticket.

Jill’s Dress by Kristina McGowan, as seen on Ravelry. I love the tweedy fabric and the crocheted “seams.” Plus, this is a neckline that would really work for me. Go small-bust club!
Soho Smocked Dress by Kristina McGowan, as seen on Ravelry. I love the detailing at the waist. This would either look really good on me or absolutely wrong, depending on how the waist falls. Although I suppose that’s the virtue of knitting. You can move things around if you want. Hah!
Museum Tunic by Kristina McGowan as seen on Ravelry. This stunner is designed in a chunky yarn so the knitting would just FLY!
Promenade Dress by Kristina McGowan as seen on Raverly. Here’s a cute dress that actually has sleeves, which I might need if I want to wear this to the office. I would have to pair the other dresses with shawls, cardigans or jackets to avoid goose bump arms.

Bright, Graphic Shawls That are Definitely NOT Lace

I love my Romi Hill lace wedding shawl, I truly do. All the same, my next shawl project is sooooo not going to be lace.  I’m going for something fierce and bold and colorful. Perhaps one of these showstoppers:

Dreambird KAL by Nadita Swings, as seen on Ravelry. My first thought when I saw this shawl was “They did WHAT now? That’s not allowed. That’s so loud. That’s so bright. That’s so in-your-face… That would look great peeking out of my tan jacket.”

Eden Prairie by Nancy Whitman, as seen on Raverly. I grew up in southern Wisconsin where we have a special reverence for all things Frank Lloyd Wright. This shawl reminds me of the Unitarian Society building in Madison.
Indian Summer by Ann Kingstone, as seen on Raverly. When I first saw this photo, I thought, “That can’t be right. Knitting? Must be mislabeled. That looks woven for sure.” Nope, I was wrong.   Love it. Want it.

This One’s for Grandpa

Betsy’s Goose by Sara Elizabeth Kellner, as seen on Ravelry. When my grandfather retired, he spend a goodly portion of his free time carving wooden birds, mostly ducks and geese. This little project would be something lovely to do in his memory. Maybe I could start sending them to my cousins’ children so that they can have a piece of him.

When I come to the end of this yarn and project diet I’m going to let loose. I’m going to be as unruly and pleasure-seeking as a parochial school girl on her first day at a public university. Watch out, world. Here I come, needles a-clacking.


  1. Q – Geeze, stray is what got me into the “too-many- WIP- mess”, it truely is hard to start monogomous, diogomous or even triogomous. There is always a new temptation out there! The “art” shawls a gorgeous!! Hum…….

  2. Just three WIP oh courageous. Those patterns are lovely but I’m not sure I’ll like to wear handknitted dresses, well maybe because I don’t wear dresses except on special days. The shawl is very graphic!; Thanks for the links.

  3. Dang it. I don’t need any more projects!! But alas, now I am aware that a sweater dress is a neccessity! Plus, I like your use of triogamous. I currently only have two WIP so I most definitely need a third!

  4. Very pretty dresses! I particularly like the red one and the last one. I’ve always been reluctant to wear sweater dresses because of stretching around the bum whilst wearing them, but I might have to change my ideas. Too much to knit and too little time! 🙂

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