Every day is Sweater Day at my house this time of year. I’m celebrating right now!

Also, that’s one of the best yarn-related Ryan Gosling images I’ve seen in a while. Is it sad that “yarn-related” is only a small subcategory of the Ryan Gosling internet meme?

Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl

Today is National Sweater Day in Canada. And with the meteorologists predicting another 20cm of snow to fall through today, tonight and into Friday, this video seems even more appropriate to share here today.
Go Grannies Go! 🙂

On Feb 7th, lower your heat and put on your favorite sweater to take action against climate change and work towards a sustainable future. Join Canadians across the country fighting climate change by conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. If every Canadian lowered the heat by just 2º C this winter, it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 4 Megatons!

So lower the heat, wear that sweater and make the world a better place for your Grandchildren!

Check out all that is happening here: http://www.sweaterday.com/

And here is the link to The World Wildlife Federation’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WWFCanada/

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  1. Q – Oh yes, I would like to crochet with him! LOL! Sorry, in the 70’s here, can’t begin to wear a sweater. If the rain comes in I’ll put one on this evening.

  2. You know, I don’t even crochet. But now I feel that I must learn.

    Actually, I really must…because the wedding shawl I’m knitting requires a crochet edging. It looks pretty simple, but it’s still new to me.

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