Confessing a Year of Knitting Sins

Many of my fellow fiber bloggers are taking a moment, right now, to celebrate a year of bloggy goodness.

You guys fill me with awe, you really do.

2012 has been a major year of growth for me and my knitting. More than 30 projects, not counting all the spinning. How did I ever find the time?

Yes, it’s been a year of growth. And with that growth came lots of mistakes, big ones and little ones. Knitting sins. And it’s time to confess them.

A Year of Knitting Sins

Let us pray…

Bless me, dear and fibery lord, for I have sinned. 

Confession 1) Greed:  I went on a yarn diet in January, pledging not to buy yarn until I went to Yarnover at the end of April. It took me less than one week to break my pledge.

Confession 2) Self Delusion and Pride: When knitting a shawl for a friend I managed to graft the two halves together backward. Rather than take it apart and redo the grafting properly, I convinced myself that the odd grafting stripe was visually appealing and “interesting,” not WRONG. Thankfully my friend never complained.

The shawl, demurely displayed on my dresser, all inviting and warm looking.
The shawl, demurely displayed on my dresser, all inviting and warm looking.

Confession 3) Idol Worship: While at Yarnover I engaged in abject idol worship of Clara Parkes via Twitter. In my defense, she’s so quotable and constantly says hilarious things, like:

  • “Bamboo likes to be abused. It has relationship issues.”
  • “Sheep breeders are the ultimate mad scientists. Crazy frankensheep.”

Confession 4) Enabling: I knew my cat had a problem with catnip. I knew this and yet I enabled him for my own amusement. I have him a ball of yarn liberally rubbed with catnip, then took pictures and posted them on my blog, laughing hysterically the entire time. If not for this incident, he might have kicked the ‘Nip by now.

Ooh, catnip. My favorite. I must absorb it through my forehead.
Ooh, catnip. My favorite. I must absorb it through my forehead.
I've got you, yarn. You can't escape my clutches. I hold you fast in my mighty jaws.
I’ve got you, yarn. You can’t escape my clutches. I hold you fast in my mighty jaws.

Confession 5) Sloth: I promised to knit a pair of socks for a friend whose birthday was in April. I didn’t get around to finishing them until September. My only excuse:  I wanted to knit a set of matching baby socks to send with them. Why this took five months to accomplish I have no idea.


Confession 6) Wrath: I knitted a shawl I disliked so intensely that I blogged about it SIX TIMES. I even wrote a nasty poem about it.

shawl side tuck

Confession 7) Stealing: I confess. I can’t help myself. I engage in covert reclamation of unloved knitted gifts. I steal them back. I’m not sorry. I’d do it again!

Confession 8) Lust: I went totally ga-ga over a pattern. I discovered it and cast only a few hours later. I worked on it feverishly.  Passionately.  Then one day I abandoned it.  It’s sitting in a project bag right now. All it needs is finishing and blocking. Sorry wrap sweater, I’m just not that into you.  Right now.

I’m sorry, but we can’t be together…right now. Twist Pullover by Cecily Glowik MacDonald, as seen on Ravelry and in Knit.Wear Spring 2012

 Confession 9) Slovenliness: Have you seen my knitting notions storage? Seriously, what’s wrong with me?

There we have it. I have confessed a year’s worth of knitting sins.

I’m not sure if this confession comes with forgiveness.  I enjoyed that confession far too much to deserve it.


  1. Thanks for including me, and for the kind words!

    It’s best to come clean before the new year, and I’m sure the knitting gods will forgive your trespasses. 😀

  2. totally guilty of greed, I can only knit hats and scarves…and yet. I have so much YARN! I must have something to work on….this year I resolve to learn to knit something NEW (It would help if I had a yarn shop nearby). Maybe youtube videos will help?

  3. This is my absolute favourite of all the review of 2012 posts I have read. I especially like confession number 7 😀

  4. LOVE this post – I probably committed at least 9 myself! Will this be an annual confession 🙂 if so, I will definitely check back in next year. In the meantime, I plan to follow your blog as I love writers with a great sense of humor like yours!

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