Knits So Cute and Sweet They Make My Teeth Hurt

Nothing makes you feel more special and appreciated as a knitter than when a giftee:

  1. Wears your stuff
  2. Let’s you know how much they appreciate you
  3. Posts about how much they liked what you made on Facebook

A friend of mine just did all of these things and I feel so special.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a pair of matching mom-and-tot socks I had just knitted and sent to a good friend of mine in Texas.

Socks for mom and tot. Stanley was willing to model next to them, but tried to chew on them when I draped them oh-so artfully across his legs. Oh well.

She just shared the most adorable photo.

That picture makes it all worth it. Right there. Don’t you agree?


  1. You’re right, there’s nothing better than seeing your hard work displayed on the gifted. I’m glad you’re appreciated! Your socks are gorgeous (it’s my fav thing to knit, too!)!!

  2. love love the pictures send by your friend, the mom and baby set is so cute I want one for baby and me I should knit ourselves some matching socks. Your friend is lucky to have you

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