Help Me Choose a Wedding Shawl Part 2

A few weeks ago, I shared my three front-runners for the role of “gorgeous hand knitted shawl” in my upcoming spring wedding.

Since then, I’ve managed to:

  • Eliminate one design (sorry Ishbel, you’re very pretty, but not quite what I’m looking  for for my wedding).
  • Choose a wedding dress.
  • Admit to myself that I want something complicated and ornate, and that I don’t much care if it’s practical for everyday wear.

Here’s the dress:

Orange Dress

I purchased this fun, silk number on sale last summer at White House Black Market, complete with killer matching sandals. The plan was to wear it on a vacation to visit friends in California. but the trip never happened (stupid summer flu). I shoved the dress into my closet and promptly forgot about it.

I know it’s wildly non-traditional, as far as wedding dresses go. But darn it, it looks dynamite on me. I wasn’t planning to go with traditional wedding attire anyway.

Now that I know I’ll be wearing a long, beachy dress, I’m able to imagine shawl pairings much more vividly. The long, sweeping shawls that would have looked odd worn over a pants outfit or knee-length skirt would work wonderfully well with this dress.

But then I also feel drawn to rectangular stoles. I haven’t quite kicked that urge.

Here is the current crop of contestants:

Survivors of the Last Shawl Scrimmage

Glasgow Rose stole by Lucy Hague, as seen on Ravelry. Romantic and intricate, yet practical and easy to wear. Also a nice nod to my Irish heritage.
Fiori di Sole by Rosemary (Romi) Hill, as seen on Ravelry. So many gorgeous, special details. I particularly love the large leaves at the shoulders.

I was waffling between these two shawls for a couple of weeks. Then I made the mistake of exploring Ravelry to see what other shawl designs Romi Hill had done….and then while I was at it, I looked at some of my friends’ favorites lists…and then I looked at what those designers had done. 

I’m sunk.

The Young Upstarts

These are the newest designs that have captured my heart and rendered me almost incapable of making a decision.

Heavenly by Rosemary (Romi) Hill, as seen on Ravelry. This shawl captures the intricacy and gracefulness I love in Fiori Di Sole with the easier-to-wear elements of Glasgow Rose’s stole shape.
RosaFlora by Rosemary (Romi) Hill, as seen on Ravelry. A lovely, feminine, half circle shawl with lots of visual interest. I chose this because my liking for Fiori Di Sole is an anomaly for me. Normally I don’t much care for triangle shawls. It also looks a bit shorter.
Ecotone by Corinne Ouillon, as seen on Ravelry. Now exiting Romi Hill country, but only slightly.
Farandole by Corinne Ouillon, as seen on Ravelry. Less floral than all of the other designs. Decidedly peacocky, which I’ve always liked.
Mariposa by Marisa Hernandez, as seen on Ravelry. Just so unique and interesting, and entirely different from everything else on my list.

You see my problem? These shawls are all totally amazing. 

I have to make a decision and soon. There’s lots of knitting to be done and only a few months to do it in.


  1. I’m still pushing for the Fiori di Sole. I also LOVE those details. Plus, if you’ aren’t getting a special ‘never ever wear again’ wedding dress, you should at least have a gorgeous shawl that you can pull out for your daughters.

  2. I love your choices of shawls!! But I think with your dress shawl number 3 (Heavenly by Rosemary Hill) or 5 (Ecotone by Corinne Ouillon) would look best! But that’s only my opinion of course!! ^^
    (Though I love the way all of them look! )

    Do you know what colour you want to make the shawl in yet? =)

  3. Sorry, I guess I am out. I don’t see any of these scarfs with the (very beautiful) dress and its rather “jagged” pattern. Unless … what would be your choice of color?

  4. First of all congratulations and I think you’re completely right to go with that gorgeous dress.. The two shawls that do it for me ar Fiore di Sole and Mariposa. I’m not a knitter but they both look modern to me and the designs seem to be friendly, celebrant and expansive. Mariposa is what I think bridal wear should be about – the design is sexy and sensual without being overt, the leaf aspects of the design are wholesome and the central spine is oh so cool. And subtly sensual (that word again). Fiore di Sole is angelic and floaty, but to my eye slightly more conventional. It’s really elegant and the repeating pattern without the spine design makes it slightly more demure.
    I’m looking forward to seeing what you decide!

  5. RosaFlora – I think the half circle will go great with the dress, as it’ll cover enough to not clash with it – if that makes any sense? It’s also such a lovely pattern! And of course it should be red 😀

  6. I like the Fiore di Sole. All those other shawls are shown on a monotone background (e.g. skin or upholstery). You’re going to be wearing yours over a beautiful dress with a lot happening colour- and pattern-wise. The Fiore di Sole, with its “leaves” in the shoulder area, will mean that people will see “shawl” and not “shawl and dress struggling for attention.” I agree the others a very pretty but I think you need to consider the shawl and dress together!

  7. I vote Fiori. But a caution – I am big Romi fan – BIG. But be sure you are up to the challenge – her patterns are not easy, and as you are planning a wedding, you may want something that doesn’t pressure you as much or tax your brain. JUST SAYIN! I think you’ll look mahvellous in any of them.

  8. I think with the dress style, Heavenly would compliment it very well. Glasgow Rose would be my second.

    With the lenghth of you dress and the pattern.. yup, defintely Heavenly! Perfect!

  9. I LOVE that you are knitting your wedding shawl for a non-traditional dress. Any of these is going to be absolutely stunning (helpful, I know). I can’t wait to see what yarn you choose.

  10. I also still love Fiori di Sole, but Rosa Flora is stunning also… I think either of those, with their triangular elements (Fiori di Sole for the shape, and Rosa Flora for the triangular lace shapes) will go well with the dress and echo the pattern in it. Good luck with your decision! Any one that you make will be the right one, because nothing but love (oh and yarn) will go into making it, I am sure.

  11. I LOVE your wedding dress choice. I really am leaning to Fiori di Sole or RosaFlora. They are both fantastic and will go amazingly with your dress.

  12. Beautiful all! What color is your shawl going to be??? Fiori di Sole is really fabulous. Looks like it takes the popular vote??? But Heavenly is, well…heavenly! Good luck with your choice. I am sure it will be absolutely stunning, whichever one you choose. Can’t wait to see it!

  13. Oh my goodness! So many choices! How will you ever decide?! They are all pretty and I love the dress! I’m liking the Rosa Flora in a cream or neutral color. Can’t wait to see what you decide!

    • I really love Rosa Flora too. I’m thinking now that that one might look a little too formal for the dress I’m wearing, but I’ll keep it in mind for the future. Maybe something I wear when I want to be dressed up.

  14. I vote for the last one. It’s unusual design would be so much fun to knit, and it has a very wearable shape that won’t fight with the dress. Gorgeous short-list.

    • I just love Mariposa. I’ve had it on my queue ever since it came out. I might have to knit it anyway, even if I don’t wear it for the wedding. It’s my kind of shawl.

  15. Q – Ditto what some others have been saying. Decision, when wearing the shawl do you want your beautiful dress to be the focal point? Ecotone, Heavenly, Glasgow Rose, and Flora di Sol. Or, the beautiful shawl? Rosaflora, Farandole, and Miraposa. I have to admit that personally I love triangular shawls, less material in the front to deal with. My vote, for what it’s worth, is Farandole. it will complement the pattern in your dress and the center back is pointing up towards you saying, “Look at the beautiful bride!” 😎

    And, the Romi Hill! She does have the most fabulous designs.

    • I’ve gotten a lot of votes for Fiori. At this point I think I’m trying to decide if a stole style is important to me or not.

  16. The Fiori is totally gorgeous. I’ve just envisaged it in a glowing gold silk, and it would look stunning with the red of your dress! The Glasgow rose looks perfect to go with the style of your dress, but it isn’t very bridal (as in, it’s quite practical and also very pretty, so I can see you using it a lot afterwards). At the end of the day, it’s your day and your dress, so you should knit what you love and are happy with.

    • I love the idea of knitting Fiori in a gold silk or gold silk blend. That’s perfect! It’s still a neutral, but a more exciting neutral.

  17. Good Lawd!! They’re all gorgeous! You have a big dilemma here…I’m thinking I still like the Fiori best. Not to mention, even after the wedding, that shawl would still rock for everyday wear too. And since your dress is beachy, when the wedding is over, it can become a really fun sarong!

    • At this point I’m 75% sure I’ll be knitting Fiori. I even found some golden yarn from Sweet Georgia that would work well with it.

    • I had forgotten all about your wedding post. Thanks for the link. I remember loving your amigurimi bride and groom. So cute and such a good idea.

  18. Glasgow Rose stole and Fiori di Sole are my favorite. I really love the unconventional dress you have chosen. In what color do you plan to knit the shawl? good luck for planning the whole day! it takes so long and it’s done so quickly, enjoy every second of the planning process with your husband to be! :-))

  19. Hey, congratulations! That’s what I get for not looking in for a few months…

    With that dress I’d definitely go for a rectangular stole – a triangular shawl might clash with the pattern, especially from behind.
    And I love the idea of using a golden, shimmering silk blend yarn – that wil look absolutely stunning!

    • Hey great to hear from you. I haven’t seen your blog popping up on WordPress recently. I figured you must be busy designing stockings with naughty words on them.

  20. Oh My. Now I want to start knitting shawls. Must … Finish … UFO’s … First!
    I would knit any of the Romi Hill, and the Ecotone, but Heavenly is my favourite. I think that shape would look lovely with your dress.

  21. Heavenly would be my choice. The stole shape would compliment the dress and not cover as much as a large triangle. I do like the “peacocky” pattern and would love to knit it for a different occasion.

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