Cupido Cowl, Knit From My First Hand-spun Yarn

I’m sorry, knitting dudes and dudettes. I’ve been lazy about posting the results of my first hand-spun knitting project. I’ve had it done for almost a month. And then it sat, and it sat. Then last week I finally got around to blocking it.

Here it is:

Cupido Cowl by Hiroko Fukatsu

cowl 5

cowl 4

cowl 3

cowl 2

I spun 100% merino combed wool top on my Lendrum DT. I spun 3 bobbins of what I thought was fine singles, then plied them together and realized they weren’t so fine after all. I can’t claim I stuck to a consistent ratio or drafting method. I didn’t even try. My goal was to spin singles that made a decent yarn. Period.

I think I managed to pick a very forgiving pattern that capitalized on the loft and eccentric “texture” of my finished yarn.

I’m sure that, in time, I’ll produce much more refined yarn. And I’ll knit many more fascinating hand-spun projects. But there’ll never be another first hand-spun project. I’m a proud mamma. I hope you like it too.


  1. Looks great. You’ve inspired me to return to my wheel! When I was cleaning out my stash, kept a bag of camel down and some beautiful fleece (neither in roving form) b/c I remembered your posts on spinning!

    • That’s great! After all your recent posts about different types of fiber I look forward to seeing what you make with that camel. I’ve never spun with it.

    • Thanks. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

      Technically, this is my second hank of hand-spun, But the first one…well…I’m calling that a practice round.

  2. Love the colour. Love the cowl. I’m a relatively new knitter, and I’ve been closing my eyes and ears to any talk of learning to spin. It just seems like really dangerous territory. At least for now…

    • Thanks. I look forward to many more such projects. Thought about spinning the yarn for my wedding shawl but that seemed a little too ambitious.

  3. great job the cowl is wonderful, you might just cherish so much this knit, spinned and knitted, whaou! looking forward to see more projects made out of your own yarn

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