The Haunted Fleece

My past experience tells me that my cats love wool. They chew on it when I’m spinning it. They bat it around the room whenever they have a chance. And they fight over the opportunity to sleep on the woven wool couch pad my mother made for them. So, logically, if they love all of those things, then they’ll go ga-ga over a sheepskin sleeping pad.

Boy was I wrong. 

I got home with my new bit of sheepskin, flung it over cats’ favorite napping chair, and waiting for the magic to happen.

If there be magic in this fleece, it be BLACK MAGIC. 

Orion was far from thrilled. He was spooked. He spent at least an hour carefully sniffing the fleece, muscles tense and whiskers extended. His pupils were so dilated they almost occluded the irises.

Cuddle up on this soft little treasure? If by cuddle up you mean keep you distance and watch fearfully from across the room.

Cat with fleece

What did he think he was smelling? It must have smelled of sheep. One frigging scary sheep.

A diabolical sheep with jagged teeth, cruel crooked horns, and a maniacal BAHHHHHHH!

A wooly demon straight from the fiery pastures of hell.

I have to admit , I never anticipated such a reaction to this gift. I’m going to leave it on the chair and give it another week, but if there’s no change then I think I’m going to get rid of it. Christmas is coming and the only scary spirits in my house should be confined to the Muppet ghosts in my annual viewing of A Muppet Christmas Carol.

Scrooge with the Muppet ghosts of Marley & Marley. Image from


  1. That’s an odd response and unfortunate as sheepskins are not cheap! It must smell funny to them. Try some catnip! We have the opposite problem. Generations of cats over the past three decades have fought for the sheepskin sleeping spot in our house. It’s favoured year round.

  2. I was literally laughing out loud at your post, and my darling daughter with the insatiable curiousity of an eleven year old must know what I’m laughing at.
    Me: Nothing *giggle*
    Her: WHAT IS IT? (outraged)
    Me: I’m reading a blog, it was funny
    Her: Is it knitting (sigh and eyeroll)

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