Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something red.

Last weekend, the BF and I attended a lovely country wedding. It was at an old and picturesque farm in Mt. Horeb (something old). Mother Nature provided all the decorations. Well, almost all.

An idyllic day. Can’t buy trimmings like this from a florist.

I was so delighted to hear that this couple was getting married and I immediately decided that I wanted to knit them something to celebrate.

I decided that this was my chance to knit The Fickle Knitter’s Golden Leaf Shawl, a new pattern I picked up just a few weeks ago (something new).

I consulted with the groom and confirmed the bride’s favorite color: red. Perfect! It was my opportunity to to use a hank of gorgeous Plucky Knitter silk/wool blend yarn given to me by my mother (something borrowed…well, sort of). I just love the name of the color: Ellen Arden (as in, Move Over Darling, the hilarious Doris Day film).

Something Red

I love how this turned out. The bride loved it too. It’s just a little shoulder-topper shawl, so perfect for a cool evening after a warm autumn day.

So what did I knit for the groom? I couldn’t think of anything. The good news is, I don’t think he minded at all.

What does one knit for a groom? I’m sure this question will come up again? I need suggestions.


  1. That’s a lovely shawl! As for your question of what to knit for the groom, I ever came across a blog where the bride (who is an avid knitter and loves DIY things) knitted little flowers as the boutonnière for the groom and the groomsmen, so this means they got to keep it as a souvenir after the big day. I thought that was a great idea!

    • What a good idea. I’ll try to get involved int he next wedding a little earlier.

      I’ve never knitted flowers before. New challenge.

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