Piratical knits. A tribute to arrrrgyle.

I couldn’t let Talk Like a Pirate Day pass without a tribute to Pirate-inspired knits. Things fashioned by our own gnarled hands wielding our weapons of choice: pointy sticks and yarn.


Forgive me, but on Talk Like a Pirate Day, I must occasionally give way to little affirmational statements. It’s the scurviness oozin’ out o’ me pores, belike.

Origins of argyle

What’s a celebration of piratical knits without a mention of that most piractical-sounding of patterns, argyle. Argyle is a pattern made of diamonds, often including an overlay of intercrossing diagonal lines. It derives from the tartans of Clan Campbell in Scotland. When knitted, argyle is usually done in intarrrrrsia.  *Ahem.* Intarsia.

Here’s are some lovely, classic uses of argyle.

Some very dignified looking socks. Just the sort of thing C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien would have worn while debating important matters of literature at Oxford. But only on a day when they were feeling like taking a chance on fashion. Argyle Socks by Margie Dougherty, as seen on Ravelry
The classic argyle vest. A real pirate would never be caught wearing such a thing, but might be willing to swive a lassy wearing one. Particularly if knitted with a low collar and negative ease.                 Argyle Woman’s Vest by Anne Berk, as seen on Ravelry

Lovely stuff, but I’m about ready to walk the plank from boredom. Aren’t you?

Well never fear. I’ve got just the tonic for these dull knits. I’ve found some much more piractical argyles to share.

Here are some truly fearsome socks. With socks like this, you’ll scare off foot fungus. Aargh! gyle Socks by Camille Chang.
Imagine this argyle trimmed piece in proper pirate colors. I can see Captain Jack Sparrow wearing it. Maybe with a crimson parrot stitched onto the shoulder. Argyle Jacket by Jenn Jarvis, as seen on Ravelry.
And what a treasure of argyle lace this is. Imagine it in metallic gold or silver.                                       Argyle Lace Top by Kate Lemmers

Arrrr! Now that be more to the point.

Argyle doesn’t have to be square and boring. It can be bold, daring, adventurous.

Fit for a pirate.

Arrr! I say. Arrr!


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