A Tale of Three Lace Weight Shawls


Who really loves being in their own blog photos? No one.

I’m trying to show off my latest knitted projects, but I end up being more worried about how  look in the photos. Well, no more.

Meet Drusilla. Her services have been engaged to model for my blog. She’s very excited by this opportunity to break into knit wear modeling. Most of her family is involved in modeling sewn clothing, but she’s a bit of a rebel.

Drusilla Singer, professional knitwear model.

 Now that Dru is on board, it’s time to present three special shawls, knitted over the last few months, which I’ve been saving for just such an occasion.

Color Affection

This Veera Välimäki design has been on the “Hot Right Now” list on Ravelry ever since it was published in December 2011. For much of that time, it’s been in the top three. Seriously.

Mom and I knitted our own versions of this shawl almost simultaneously this winter. And completely independently. We didn’t consult with each other; there were no household spies reporting our activities.

Since then, I’ve met at least a dozen other knitters who are knitting this shawl. Color Affection is a fiber-borne contagion. People have taken to calling it “Color Affliction,” “Color Infection,” ….etc.  All kindly meant, of course. We knitters can be a competitive bunch; we all wish that we had been the ones come up with this design.

I knitted the lace weight variation of this shawl and have been wearing it constantly for the last six months. I used three colors of Madelinetosh lace weight merino in Calligraphy, Charcoal, and Nebula.

I’ve knitted more complex things before. I’ve knitted more time-consuming things before. But I’ve never received so many compliments on any project as I have on this shawl.


I knitted this design just after my trip to Yarnover in April. And thus began my love affair with Juniper Moon Findeley Dappled. This 50/50 merino and silk  yarn is the most luscious thing I have ever worked with. Citron was not a complicated shawl–just row after row of stockinette. This is a pattern that could make you weep with boredom (sorry Hilary Smith Callis), but this yarn made me crave the opportunity to work on it. I knitted feverishly on this shawl–and only this shawl–for two weeks. And when I was done, I was sad…and suffering from just a touch of withdrawal.

Dancing Cranes

Do I sound like I might have a problem with Juniper Moon Findley Dappled? Well I don’t! I can stop any time I want to. And to prove it, I decided to knit one more shawl in a different colorway. Because if I can knit two shawls with this yarn, and then stop cold turkey, then that would really prove that I’m not addicted to it.

I’m very proud to report that I’ve since transitioned to three new projects since finishing this shawl and the yarn I’m using is nothing like Findley. It’s fingering weight, for goodness sake. Mostly merino. Hardly any silk in it at all.

I decided to knit Dancing Cranes in honor of my So You Think You Can Dance Yarn Along. It reminds me of the long white scarf that Cyd Charisse twirled about with in Singing in the Rain. Or at least the original (very bridal) version in the pattern did.

I enjoyed knitting this shawl. The pattern wasn’t too complex, so was suitable for watching TV, but had just enough detail to keep me interested.

The day after I blocked it I wore it on a trip to the Great River Folk Festival. On the way, I stopped at Yarnology  in Winona, MN, to pick up some roving for spinning practice. The ladies in the shop oohed and aahed over it and I had an “aw shucks” moment.

Color way: Fruits de Foret



    • Forgot to ask. I purchased the Color Affection shawl a few months ago – haven’t made it – but have been seeing comments about adding a yo at the beginning of the right side row. Did you do that?

      • I did. And I highly recommend it. It’s har to get the edges stretchy enough otherwise. Mom didn’t on her shawl and wishes she had seen the tip earlier. It sounded like she had to block it very carefully to get it to turn out the way she wanted it.

      • It’s actually a light tan, charcoal and a dark blue-green.

        I’ll be interested to see what colors you choose.

      • Sometimes I’ll resort to using paint store apps on my iphone to figure out which colors to combine. If you’re like me and tend to fixate on bright vivid colors, this sort of approach “talks me down” from picking other vivid but competing colors and gets me to choose more practical and complimentary neutrals.

  1. Your shawls are beautiful, I’m hoping to start my very first shawl soon but quite intimidated by the prospect and worried it will take FOREVER and I’ll get board. (It took 2 years to make a baby jumper!!) I treid to make myself a cardi once, it took years too and I hated the sight of it by the time it was done, and never wore it. GULP.

    Love Dru, hehe your writing style is great, you made me giggle.

    Have a great day, wish me luck with my shawl and thanks for stopping by to check out my slippers. You’ll have em done in a day if you can knit like this!

    Best wishes

    Billie 🙂

  2. Hi Drussilla, nice to meet you! Love the three shawls. Are you knitting while sleeping? tell me how you do it please!

    • It’s a bit deceptive. It’s been many weeks since I’ve posted a FO, so there’s a bit of a back log. There will hopefully be a few more being posted soon as well.

      • but you’re blog is quite an active one, and I have so much fun reading you. What is your main project actually? I know I’m curious

  3. Main project?

    At the moment I’ve got…1 (Bigger on the Inside – almost done)….2 (green cardigan whose pattern name I can’t remember)…3 (Fickle knitter shawl – just started)…4 (baby socks not yet started but I have good intentions)…5 (sleeping eye cover for by brother–sorta surprised he asked for it)…6 (tea pot cozy for my Dad)…7 (birthday shawl for aunt–arggghh, this should be higher on the list)…8 (the blended intarsia scarf I just don’t seem to finish)…9 (my Gencon socks).

    Gosh, that’s 9. More than I thought. I don’t think I’ve got a main project.

    • I’ve been thinking about making another one in fingering weight as well. The lace weight is very pretty, but not as warm as I would like sometimes. My office is chilly.

  4. Now I’m jealous!
    1. You’ve got a mannequin! I’ve always wanted one. Hand it over. Right. Now. 🙂
    2. 3 shawls! And a Color Affection to boot. Shame on you!
    3. Big bout of designer inadequacy angst… that Color Affection is such a great design – I’ll never come up with one like this. So now I have to be jealous of the designer, too.
    See, you’ve ruined the day for me.

    Ok, enough fooling around: Congrats on the Color Affection, I love your choice of colors! And Drusilla is really great – where did you find her?

    • BTW, I’m looking forward to hearing more about the socks you submitted for that book. Sounds transgressive and delightful.

  5. Your Colour Affection has pushed me over the edge. I’ve been wanting to knit a shawl but hadn’t come across one that I felt like I would actually wear. I think this is going to be the one.

    • I know you’ll love it. I wear it to work all the time. In fact, I wore it today. I hope you blog about yours. I’d like to see it when you’re done.

    • These are all pretty light shawls. I wore them at work all summer long. I bet you could order the yarn through Webs.

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