SYTYCD Yarn Along – In Which I Get Distracted and Forget to Knit 4 Prep Rows

I’m so excited that SYTYCD auditions are over and that now we’re getting into the show proper. The auditions are fun to watch, but I don’t think they need to run 5 or 6 episodes of them. My two cents, FOX.

My knitting and I trundled over to a friend’s house to watch the show on Wednesday night. She had TiVoed it earlier in the evening. We don’t have regular TV at my house so, if I want to have a chance to watch this show live, I need to work my connections 😉 Or camp out at an appliance store.

I’ve decided to start a new project to work on while watching the show. Something inspired by dance. Specifically, inspired by this scene from Singing in the Rain.

The fabulous Cyd Charisse, dancing gracefully while somehow failing to trip over this long, white, billowing scarf.

Now, I’m not about to try knitting something that long or that white. Not worth it. I’d stain if the first time I wore it. I’m knitting this shawl instead. And I’m knitting it in this gorgeous Juniper Moon Findley Dappled colorway.

The Dancing Cranes Stole by Shui Kuen Kozinski and Benne Ferrell, as seen on Ravelry.

This was a fabulous first night of competition. Nobody sucked, and that’s rare, especially when it comes to ballroom.

It’s sort of comical to watch the classically trained dancers and hip-hoppers who usually make it into the top 20 try to grock ballroom. Their knees are too turned out. They forget how to stay grounded. They don’t know what to do with their partner. For all the world, they look like spraddle-legged cowboys trying to Cha Cha with their horse.

Not so last night. I was particularly impressed with the Lindsday Arnold and Cole Haribe’s Paso Doble. Lindsay comes from a ballroom background, so I expected her to be good. Cole comes from more mainstream types of dance and martial arts. Honestly, I think it’s the martial arts that makes him “get” this dance.

Paso Doble

Lindsay Arnold and Cole Haribe

The other ballroom numbers were very good too, especially for the first night of competition. Nothing special, but nothing to make your eyes bleed either. Full marks for that.


Amber Jackson and Nick Bloxsom-Carter


Witney Carson and Chehon Wespo-Tschopp

Time to frog and start over. Thankfully I had the first episode of Covert Affairs season 3 to keep me company and keep me in good humor.


  1. I so did this when watching DWTS a while back. Don’t normally watch the show but I had to watch Donald Driver and I ended up watching the whole show and had more than one Frogging incident as a result! I feel your pain

    • I didn’t mind too much. At least I only had to rip out a couple hours of knitting. It could have been worse. And knowing me, one day soon it will be. Which reminds me, I should write in some life line reminders onto the pattern now.

  2. I hate when that happens. I forgotten to do the set-up rows more times than I care to admit. Or started picking up gusset stitches without having turned the heel. It’s a good thing I don’t mind ripping back and starting over. Your shawl choice is excellent. And, FWIW, Cyd Charisse is my very favorite dancer.

    • I just did that sock thing last weekend 🙂 only I was trying to turn the heel without first knitting the heel.

      I love Cyd Charisse too. Mesmerizing dancer. And not a stick figure either. Now I need to go check out a copy of Brigadoon.

  3. Ripping lace … oh dear … if the “oops” happens early enough you could just rewrite the pattern into a new lace pattern! I did that with a cabled sweater once … the unique cable pattern was actually born out of a goof! 🙂

    • Awesome video. You know I had no idea Rita Hayworth was in any musicals. I thought I was pretty well versed in musicals from that era, but realistically there are proably whole swaths that I’ve never stumbled across.

      • Thank you! 😎 I didn’t realize she was in musicals and the sad part is that I recognized some of the movies. 😎 Guess I was too busy watching Fred dance, I’ve see all of his movies. 😎 How perfectly did the clips match the music, I’m amazed. Think I’ll go watch it again. 😎

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