Knitting Skill Inertia

Something tells me I don’t have enough yarn left to finish this sock.

As they say in France, “Arrrrggggghhh!”

I definitely need to learn how to knit toe-up. I don’t know why I haven’t learned yet. I own three books that are all about knitting toe-up socks. My problem is technique inertia. I want to learn a new skill, but that takes effort. And why bother when the old skill works just fine and requires so little mental energy.

No more excuses. I vow, I will unravel this sock and start over from the toe.


  1. I get wanting to learn toe up. Since I did, I’ve never gone back, but WHY oh WHY would you want to unravel that much of a sock to do it? I don’t understand?!?!?!

    • Well, I’m out of yarn. They were these little balls and I sort of assumed that each one was one sock’s worth based on weight. I’ve got one more little ball and technically I could continue where this one leaves off, but then I would have 1.5 socks, which isn’t much use.

  2. I know what u mean!! I have 5 sock books myself n have Yet to take time & learn toe up! Every time I start I go for cuff down .. And keep telling myself I have to learn toe up!!! Lol

  3. I concur–Judy’s Magic Cast On. I’ve tried lots of toe-up cast ons, and JMCO is hands down the best. I knit socks toe up when I’m not certain I’ll have enough yarn, but otherwise I knit them cuff down because I get a better fit with a heel-flap-and-gusset heel. You can make such a heel working toe up, but it’s incredibly fiddly. Toe up is definitely a technique you should add to your sock-knitting arsenal.

  4. I never tried a toe up sock either, we can try to motivate ourselves by a little KAL if you like!

  5. I’ve definitely gotten hooked on toe-up. Even when I weigh my yarn into to perfect, equal little balls I still get paranoid. Even knitting toe up I’m still have convinced every pair of socks I make is going to be ankle socks – and they never are. LOL I think this is why I mostly stick to sweaters.

    • I needed motivation to make the jump to toe-up and this is it. I’m still working on locating willing recipients for my socks, however. People seem unnaturally leery about the idea.

    • You know, that may be the most practical idea of all. I wonder if I have something suitable in my pile of scrap sock yarn. I’m sure I must.

  6. Oooohhh!! I am hoping I have enough for my sock too…I’m using a contrasting color for landmarks and to lengthen the sock without having to use the variegated handspun…On pins and needles!

    Good luck with your socks too. 🙂

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