SYTYCD Yarn Along? Any Takers?

During my lunch break today I was scanning one of my favorite Web sites: Pure So You Think You Can Dance, which is devoted to documenting the music on the show. What I love is that they make a special effort to document the songs that are played during the tryouts, which are many, often awesome, and sadly fleeting.

iTunes makes so much money off of me during So You Think You Can Dance, it’s embarrassing.

Heidi and Benjii from Season 2. Watching this number still gives me goosebumps. I can’t knit and watch this at the same time. I’ll drop stitches.

So anyway, this got me thinking. Are there any other SYTYCD fans out there among my knitting buddies? Is anybody interested in doing a Yarn Along inspired by the show?

I’m thinking it could be similar to the Yarn Along many of us do where we share a project we’ve been working on along with a book we’ve been reading. For this Yarn Along we could share a project we’ve been working on (hopefully while watching the show) along with a recounting of our favorite dance moments from each episode.

Dance = Art

Fiber Art = Art (duh)

Put them together and that’s Art squared. Maybe an inconceivable, as-yet-undiscovered new dimension of awesome. 

Who’s with me?


Update: Dance Tog suggested we create a little logo for our group. How’s this?



    • If you can think of another dimension to add it might be art cubed, and I just don’t know if I can handle it 🙂

      • Good idea, Dance Tog. I have edited this post. Take a look and let me know if this suits you.

  1. I’m in! But I can only watch the show over lunches, so I might be behind everyone.

  2. The BF just commented that the yarn ball in my little logo sort of looks like a sperm. He might be right about that.

  3. Nice idea, just not for me. But it sounds fun – maybe you could even choose a dance-compatible knit (there must be some patterns out there)…

    • Oh I’m sure there are. I know I’ve seen patterns for leg warmers and those short little wrap tops that ballerinas wear for warm up.

      I think I might just continue working on my Rocky Coast cardigan though, dance themed or not. Don’t want to risk distracting myself. 🙂

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