You Know You Might Be A Knitting Addict If…

The Sweaty Knitter recently posted a list she titled You Might Be a Knitting/Crocheting Addict If…

A fun post. You should check it out. Reading her post got me thinking about my own addiction symptoms. For your amusement (and possible identification, although I wont’ ask you to admit it), here’s my list:

1) You decide to switch to a smaller wallet so that your purse can hold larger project bags.

2) You refer to your knitting group friends by their Ravelry user names.

3) You’re more juiced to shop for yarn to make a sweater than you ever would be to simply shop for a sweater. And you will gladly, even joyfully spend money on yarn to make a sweater that you would never plunk down for something pre-assembled.

4) Hordes of drying, hand-knit socks have taken over  your bathroom. You have to move four of them just to get at your bath towels.

5) Your sink is the only part of your bathroom that is always clean because you regularly use it to hand wash your projects.

6) You and your friends swap stories about craft room remodels. You can’t remember the last time someone mentioned revamping their kitchen.

7) You think HGTV should place a higher priority on the resale value of homes with fully-outfitted craft rooms and less on snazzy bathrooms, however spa-like  and zen-luxurious they may be.

8) On second thought, you think, wouldn’t it be nice if they could invent a way to lounge in a deep bubble bath without getting your knitting wet? Someone should get on that.

9) You scour the used clothing stores looking for “victims” you can frog for cheap cashmere.

10) You fondle fine yarns the way your SO wishes you would fondle other things.

11) As you vacuum up the clouds of pet hair lurking under your furniture you think to yourself, “what a waste.” And you briefly consider the crafting possibilities if you were to clean it….

12) During intermission at a rock concert you pull out your knitting to clear your head of the second-hand pot smoke.


  1. As it pertains to #1, change to “You start carrying what most would identify as a very large purse but you know is really just a knitting bag that holds your wallet, Kindle and knitting.
    Regardiong #3, Yes and yes.
    #4 Seriously. Getouttamyhouse! I found these AWESOME little octopus drying contraptions at IKEA for $5 each.16 pair of socks PER octopus if you hang one pair per clip. I may or may not need both on an average wash day…
    #5 I’ve gotten around this by hiring a cleaning lady. Kitchen sink is bigger for larger projects AND I have more time for knitting.
    #10 I refuse to comment on grounds that doing so may incriminate me.
    #11- what is this vacuum you speak of
    #12- totally finished a sock standing on the flightline at an airshow yesterday. Mr.Me only laughed for a second. And I absolutely brought spare yarn in case I finished the sock cuz it was #2 of the pair

  2. Add to 12: at said concert, while standing in a large crowd at the t-shirt table, I zip up my purse, less out of concern that a pick pocket might take my wallet as out of concern that said pick pocket might take my project bag by mistake.

    • Thank you for linking to me. I enjoyed reading your article.

      I love learning more about Queen Victoria’s crafty side. It makes her sound like less of a legend and more of a real, relate-able person. I can’t imagine sitting down discussing Victorian era social policy with her, but I can imagine sitting down and quilting with her.

      I had no idea she had such an extensive tradition of crafting honorary awards. I knew about the scarves, of course, but I did not know about the shawl for Harriet Tubman or the Coffee Tree Quilt.

      It’s really very humbling to think of the Queen of England taking the time to make a quilt or knit a shawl to honor someone. We all know what kind of time investment that entails.

    • I suppose that’s a simple solution. I was envisioning something really impractical involving complex contraptions. Something to hold my ball of yarn; something else to keep the yarn out of the water; and a third something to set the project on so that it does not dangle into the water. Plus, ideally, another contraption to help me get into the water without getting my hands wet.

      Tricky, tricky. 😉

      • Well, in my case, because engineering adventures inevitably fail. And the more complex they are, the more spectacular the failure. 🙂

  3. 1, 2 and 3 so true to me too. When I buy a new purse, (when it is too used to go outside, it is better to buy yarn after all) I’ve got a check list : place for knitting project? place for the camera for taking pictures of current WIP? inside pocket for knitting notions?
    a very funny post

  4. Really true to me.LOL can proclaim my self as a Knitting Addict too. But #6 is really I like most ” You and your friends swap stories about craft room remodels. You can’t remember the last time someone mentioned revamping their kitchen.”hahah I and Liz are also chatting or see each other to talk about new knitting designs, knitting promotions and others. oh common husbands or boyfriends should understand us..hahaha.. thanks for sharing.

  5. re number 11 – you know you’ve really lost it when you’ve not only thought about it but actually spun it and knitted it into a shawl [ check out Hair Of The Dog on my rav projects page if you require proof ]

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