We Do the Dance of Joy – Finished Knitted Object Friday

The  odious shawl is finished. Done. Finito.

No more ripping back. No more boredom. No more forcing myself to work on this project when I really want to be working on something, anything else.

I feel like this should be surrounded by crime scene tape or a chalk mark.

And now I am so happy, we do the dance of joy!

I feel bad for all of the negative emotions I’ve directed at this shawl. After all, it’s going to be a gift for a new mom in my family: someone who is going to need lots of good vibes.

I feel strongly that I need to do a project cleansing before I let this thing out of my sight. Something to restore the good energy and  happy gifting vibes.  Any ideas? Do I need incense?


  1. Isn’t it funny how often “squishy new prettiness” turns into “odious sucker of time” by the end of a large project? I find displaying it someplace happy while working on something else for a few days generally restores the pride.

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