Miles and Miles of Knitting

I had some sort of mysterious bug this weekend and was home sick from work yesterday. So what to do when I don’t have the energy or stamina to move? Knitting. Miles and miles of knitting.

I made enormous progress on the loathed shawl, subject of my recent Ode to a Project That Just Won’t End. I wish it were elegiac poetry. I’m almost done with the last lace section. Only four more repeats to go. If I had the energy I’d be dancing for joy.

As a reward for working on the shawl all morning and most of the afternoon, I allowed myself to work on the Gemini top in the evening. My needles flew. I knitted nearly 10 inches of that baby while watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy. (I have a weakness for TV serials when I’m sick. Usually it’s something like Buffy or How I Met Your Mother.) What a relief to be working on something different and something in a thicker yarn.  My last few projects have all been in fine yarns, sock weight or lighter. One forgets how quickly a project can go when the yarn is helping you along.

I don’t have any project photos to show you. What I do have is a couple of pretty photos I took to cheer myself up.

The peonies outside our garage are busting out with a vengeance. It had been pretty dry for a week, then it rained this weekend and they were all like @#$% yeah! If there were ever a flower to use vulgar language, it would be a peony. I mean, just look at them. No manners. No modesty. They’re the spandex tube top-wearing great-aunt of the flower kingdom.
This fellow kept me company most of the day. He didn’t even try to sit on my knitting. Who’s a good boy?


  1. I’m a fan of serial TV watching for the purpose of knitting. I love Buffy for that purpose too! Also, Firefly is great for it as well. I hope you feel better soon!

    • A few years ago I had a bad case of laryngitis and my doctor decreed that I should stay home and not talk for a week. Never have I watched so much Joss Whedon. All 7 seasons of Buffy and most of Angel. My then-husband wisely left me alone in Sunnydale for the duration.

      • Ooh — I forgot about Angel — must add it into my Netflix queue and watch again — almost at the end of season 7 of Buffy and need another serial to re-watchf!

      • We just started rewatching Babylon 5. I think I like it better now than when I first saw it. That whole scene with the soul hunters makes so much more sense now.

    • Feeling much better. Just a little on the lackluster side. And wishing I could find a way to knit at work while doing other things. That’s not happening.

  2. serial tv is the best.
    TV on DVD is a knitters best friend.
    I’ve just finished Buffy, and have just started Firefly. But Doctor Who and Coupling can always be relied upon when i’m under the weather.

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