On Trend and Didn’t Even Know It

Don’t you love it when you knit something just because you liked it, then turn around and discover that it’s about to become the latest thing? It’s just happened to me for the first time.

Two weekends ago, I finished making up the Vitamin D Cardigan, a Heidi Kirrmaier design that I fell in love with on Ravelry. The next day I wore it to work. A very fashion-forward coworker complimented me on it, commenting on how popular cropped cardigans are going to be this spring. Who knew? Not me.

My new cardigan in a cheerful, chirpy yellow.

I don’t usually go into a knitting project looking to be on the cutting edge of fashion. I’ll settle for the trailing edge. After all, when I start a project I never know when it will be finished. If my attention span is good and nothing else interferes, I can often turn out projects rapidly. But if life gets in the way, or if I simply get distracted by another pretty yarn, it can be months or years before I finish a project. And by then, if I had really cared about being trendy, I would have completely missed the boat.

My Knitty Godmother must have inspired me to choose this pattern. It’s time to savor this miracle of timing. Who knows when it will happen again?

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