An investment in my sanity

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The yarn for my Color Affection shawl arrived on Monday. Nearly 3,000 yards of lace weight merino. I was using the USPS tracking app on my phone and I watched it happen. I saw when the yarn arrived in Rochester and I calculated the hour and minute it would arrive in my mail box. And I despaired of coming home from work and winding 1.62 miles of yarn by hand.

I did not go home. Instead, I went to the local sewing center to stare at their floor model ball winder and yarn swift. These have always seemed like magical but completely unnecessary devices to me. At least, unnecessary for a hobby knitter. After all, I am perfectly capable of winding my own balls without the help of gadgets. I do not suffer from arthritis, nor do I knit or spin or dye yarn for a living. No excuses for such an extravagant purchase.

All of this was running through my head as I stared at the ball winder and swift. And drooled a little.

No, I don’t need it. 

I can’t live without it. 

I’ve gotten along just fine without fancy gadgets so far. 

But this is lace weight. Lots and lots of it.

Just take a deep breath. 

*Gasp* Just think of how many times you’re going to tangle it up. How many knots you’ll have to coax out. 

Not if I take my time. That’s always the secret. 

You’ll hate the yarn and the project  by the time you’re through. And then you’ll go back to knitting dish cloths.

The ball winder and swift flirted with me from the demonstration table, coyly whirling in the hands of the shop owner. They were lovely and glowing in quality woods. Not cheap. The shop owner explained to me that she used to sell the inexpensive plastic winder and the flimsier swifts, but they were forever breaking.

I thought of the yarn waiting for me in the mail box at home and reached for my credit card. It was time for an investment in my sanity.

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