Thoughts While Watching DWTS

  1. No matter what David Hasselhoff does, he looks creepy.
  2. By association, his poor partner looks a little bit creepy too.
  3. What a pleasure it is to have Santana playing live on this show. His music is so inspiring. And it’s such a relief to be able to hear Oye Como Va unmangled by the studio orchestra.
  4. Jennifer Grey has a deep, sultry voice. When did Baby grow up?
  5. I really like the new co-host, even though I miss the comic faux pas of Samantha Harris. She was hilarious.
  6. I’m glad to see Lacey Schwimmer on the show.  I have no idea what’s she’s been doing since So You Think You Can Dance. She appears to still favor hair extensions. This time they’re blond.
  7. If Lacey stays on the show, I wonder if her brother, Benji, will come and do a guest performance with her. That would be awesome!
  8. Maksim is sooo sexy. I’m so jealous of Christine for the opportunity to take a dance workshop with him earlier this year. I guess I’ll just have to go next year.
  9. While My Guitar Gently Weeps works great as a Latin jazz song! I want this song. Sorry George. I like this version better.
  10. I don’t recognize half the pros this year. Who the heck is Corky? Oh I see. I DO recognize most of them, it’s just that they’ve had makeovers.
  11. When they said Michael Bolton was going to be on the show, I thought for a sec that it was the guy from Office Space.
  12. Go Florence, you’re awesome.
  13. I wonder where Bristol stashed the baby? Is Mom in the audience? I can’t help wondering.

And because I mentioned Benji and Lacey, here’s an awesome video of them dancing lead and follow. Hey producers, let’s see this later this season!


  1. Ooooh what about Bristol getting called “a teen activist”?? That was rather excellent.

    And let’s not forget the double hilarity points for the poufy blondness of the Hoff’s partner. I was half expecting a slow-mo running down the beach moment.

  2. I missed the first half hour of the show so I missed the teen activist remark. I guess it’s accurate to say she has been active teen.

  3. Thanks for the link by the way. It was a lot of fun to watch, plus, it was associated with lots of other great dance links. Sometimes it’s so hard to find where Youtube stashes them.

  4. It seems like there always has to be a train wreck on that show, atleast at the beginning. Unlike other competition shows, the celebrities didn’t make it on DWTS because they COULD dance, but because they said they WOULD dance. Who’s going to win this season?

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