It’s a Revelation!

It’s a Revelation!

That’s the look I got to see on another dancer’s face this week the first time she tried on a pair of dance sneakers. And it made me so happy. A new dancer had come to the studio and was bemoaning the difficulty of working on her balance while wearing heels. Lucky for her, that day I’d come prepared. Over-prepared.

I almost always come to the studio toting a bag brimming with dance shoes. Current inventory:

  • 1 pair low heeled practice shoes
  • 1 pair court shoes (dirty and scuffed but comfy)
  • 1 pair dance sneakers
  • 1 pair dance sleekers

In the past it’s been even worse. In addition to the above, I often used to carry around high-heeled Latin shoes, a second pair of court shoes (usually while I was breaking in a new pair), and a pair of jazz shoes. Oof.

And when I was in ballet/tap/jazz/hula in high school it was even worse than that. Two or three pairs of ballet slippers, pointe shoes, black and tan jazz shoes, jazz boots, jazz taps,  and lyrical shoes. Plus poi balls and a collection of wraps, skirts, and leg warmers. Double Oof.

So the point is, I had extra dance sneakers to lend. The new student discovered something new and had a better time in class. And I think I just made a sale for Capezio.

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