DWTS Second Elimination

I promise not to make this entire blog about DWTS while the season is going. Really, I promise.

Michael Bolton was eliminated last night. It was the right choice. But I feel bad for him because Judge Bruno’s commentary and criticism was unconstructive in the extreme. I’m glad the other judges called him out on it.

There’s only one reason I’m sorry Michael Bolton is off the show: I was really hoping for a brief cameo from the real Michael Bolton.

Now THIS is a guy I'd like to see on DWTS. Image from mediabistro.com.

In other dance news, I have made a commitment to attending Healing Motion at my dance studio for the rest of the year. It’s kind of like a yoga class, but with more of a physical therapy focus (April is studying kinesiology.) Another student in the class claims that she’s grown half an inch in the 1-2 years she’s been taking this class. I wouldn’t mind another half-inch. I might actually make it to 5′ 6″. I don’t think it would interfere with any hemlines.

Cheer me on. I need serious motivation to make it to this class as it’s right after work on Tuesdays–a time usually reserved for eating dinner or going to the gym.

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