Rotate Clockwise ‘Till Your Feet Fall Off

The six of us lay in a long row across the black Marley floor, legs raised in bent Yogi surrender.

First the right foot:

  • Flex it back as far as it will flex, toes spread wide.
  • Then rotate to the right, then rotate down, transitioning to a point with toes tightly curled.
  • Rotate around the other side and up, keeping continuous motion, moving back into a strong flex.
  • Repeat until your foot is unscrewed at the ankle. Then do it again, counterclockwise.

I never expected my foot to ache while doing ankle circles. Especially the top of my foot. I think I’ve learned that there’s a proper way to do this exercise, and a wimpy way. To date, I’ve been doing it the wimpy way. Now I have no more excuses. Flex or flee.

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