The Cure is More of What Made it Sore

I really wish this saying wasn’t true…because then I would have an excuse to avoid doing more releves in class tomorrow. But it is, and I don’t. And it’s probably all for the best.

Last week, I devoted my post to the brutal ankle circles we did in class. But this week I’m more concerned about a repeat of the releves. I didn’t notice it so much the next day when I wrote the blog post, but the day after that the releves really started to get me.  Oh the delights of delayed onset muscle soreness. I had difficulty standing up straight for two days. Each time I got up from a sitting or reclining position I hobbled around like a badly handled marionette, trying to work out the kinks. Almost tipped over a time or two, which would have been really embarrassing at work.

Here I am, six days later, looking ahead to Healing Motion again tomorrow. And the odd thing is, I’m not sure if I’m dreading it or looking forward to it. Both, I guess. It’s the prospect of a challenge. Maybe this time I’ll be stronger.

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