Complete Lack of Motivation

Right now, I’m suffering from complete lack of dance motivation. I have classes and lessons scheduled all month, and I just can’t muster the interest to care about any of it. What gives?

It’s funny how my yen for dancing comes and goes in waves. Right now, I’m at low ebb. There’s so much going on my life–new house, crazy job, misbehaving feline, car accident/necessary repairs–that it overwhelms me. It’s hard to get interested in or excited about anything else when these things are dominating my life.

I love dancing. So why is it that all I want to do is go home and take a nap or clean the kitchen? Clean the kitchen?!  When I want to do that more than I want to dance something is seriously wrong.

I wonder if I should make an effort to move myself out of low ebb, or if I should just go with it? Is this my brain and my body telling me that I need a rest? Maybe. The thing is, though, I already paid for all of these lessons and classes. I can’t just not go. What a waste of money that would be. Plus, there are classes this month that I’ve really been looking forward to–West Coast Swing and, finally, a beginning Argentine Tango class not on Mondays.

How do I recover from my complete lack of motivation? I just don’t know. And I don’t feel very motivated to try.


  1. sending some motivation to you through telepathy!!! LOL.
    I only very rarely find myself lacking motivation… but when I do, I always seem to find it best by being influenced by people around me. first was finding my new dance partner who can actually keep up with me. more recently is this “new” guy on team… haha he’s actually a prechamp american dancer, so i’m motivated to catch up to him.
    go to the classes. maybe you’ll meet someone there who will inspire u to do what you forgot you love doing.

  2. Watch a few good dance movies–maybe a few bad ones too. Nothing a little Strictly Ballroom or Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights won’t fix.

  3. I think sometimes it’s ok to take time off from something, even (or maybe especially?) if it’s something you love. It’s better to pull away and let yourself focus on dealing with life for a while than to force yourself to spend the extra emotional energy that you clearly don’t have right now on something that’s supposed to be joyful. Let yourself miss it, THEN come back to it. I’ve done that a few times in the past 12 years, and never regretted it.

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