Let Me Entertain You

I’m going to a wedding this month (not mine). I expect to be the unofficial evening entertainment.

The dancing of which we speak

Dinner is over and the father-daughter dance is done. The utterly mortifying wedding party games have reached their drunken conclusion. Now, it’s time for a few hours of loud, loud music and sweaty middle-school style dancing. It’s time for grandma to turn off her hearing aid and take a nap, and for the rest of us to pop an ibuprofen and fight boredom with shouted conversations across the frosting-smeared table-tops.

At least that’s what most of us have come to expect. But I’m here to save the day, in my own way.

While the inebriated and energetic grind and gyrate, I’ll grab Uncle Bill with the twitching feet for a jitterbug. I’ll invite grandpa to join me in a stately waltz. I’ll coach a shy college kid in the basics of the salsa—and wind up teaching an impromptu group class in the corner. I’ll keep things interesting on the floor to keep grandma awake. I might even talk the DJ into playing the Kermit the Frog version of Rainbow Connection.

I am…Ballroom Babe.

I need a cape.


  1. I’m sooooo envious that you could expect to find swing, waltz, and salsa music at the wedding. I just went to a wedding where they played lovely Frank Sinatra type music, very foxtrotable…during dinner. It was such a waste! Towards the end of dinner, the DJ transitioned to music more for nightclub 2-step, rumba, cha cha, west coast swing. *After* dinner and the speeches, when it was time for the “dancing” to start, it was only heavy, pounding music – vaguely samba-able. Ughh. 😦

    Hope you had a good time! And those whom you entertained. 🙂

    • Well, most weddings I’ve been to will at least play some music from Grease, so that’s usually swing. Salsa you can’t always bet on, but often the DJ will want to toss something different in, and often that’s something Latin–a salsa as often as not. And waltz–well, it depends on the crowd, but it seems like they usually throw in one or two big band-style songs or old fashioned songs for the older adults.

      In general, I can depend on lots of NCTS, swing, and WCS.

      • Perhaps what I’ve been experiencing is just a west coast thing. So I need to check out some midwest weddings!

      • Honestly, I have no idea. It might have something to do with propinquity. I’ve been to mostly family and friend weddings–not too many weddings of strangers. And those few weddings of strangers I’ve been too have been heavily religious. So anyway, my point is that my family and friends tend to share some interests, which may lead to certain kinds of music choices. And with the more religious weddings, I’ve noticed that they tend to play more family-friendly music. You get songs like Greased Lightning and the occasional polka, instead of L’il John and screaming techno. Overall, you end up with a little more variety.

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