How do you like to clean your dance shoes?

Nubbly, shoe-cleaning perfection, as far as I'm concerned

This topic came up in conversation last night as I was doing tight little swivels on the studio carpet.  My preferred method of cleaning dance grime off my shoes is carpet. Good, textured, tough carpet. An indoor/outdoor rug is ideal, but anything with some good texture to it will do. Wiggle around on a carpet like that for a few seconds and you’ll grind off all but the most tenacious particles of dust and dirt (for those, I depend on my trusty shoe brush).

Others at the studio voiced preferences for their shoe brushes–that’s a pretty standard choice, especially for those who might feel bashful cleaning their shoes on somebody else’s carpet.

Use the curb? I guess I'll try anything once.

The most interesting suggestion I heard was from one of the studio teachers, who prefers to use the cement curb outside the studio door. I never thought of that. I would have thought the cement would be too hard on the suede. I’ll have to try it at least once. Might be a good technique for getting rid of the shiny black stuff that my shoe brush can’t budge. Better than trying to pick it off with your finger nails, which is what I’ve resorted to in the past. *Bleh*

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