More Flyin’ Casual

As promised, here are some videos of great dancers doing their thing in a social setting. No routines. No planning ahead (that I know of). Just superb improvisation.

This is Demitri and Maria, two friends from my college days. They both live in the NYC area now and are both very into West Coast Swing. Maria used to dance American Smooth and Rhythm, but left it behind to dance WCS. She claims to have been “too wiggly” for ballroom.  What can I say? Here’s to wiggly!

And here’s a video of a Jack and Jill [read: randomly chosen partner] event at a Salsa competition. This may be a competition setting, but it’s still all lead and follow. Pretty darn impressive.

If you know of a neat video showcasing lead/follow dancing, please send me a link. I would love to add it to what I hope will become a growing archive.

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