Good Dancers Just Flyin’ Casual

Sometimes there’s nothing more pleasurable to watch than two talented dancers just playing around and having a good time. Showcase and competition performances have their place, but there’s something so thrilling about watching two dancers create something spontaneous and beautiful. It’s a glimmering snapshot in time, that will can never be captured or experienced again…

Unless it’s through the magic of YouTube. God, I love YouTube.

If you’re Facebook buddies with Craig, you’ll be able to see this video.

Sorry to all those who aren’t and can’t see it. I don’t know how to “snitch” videos, and I don’t think I’d do it to a friend without their permission. Here’s my appeal to Craig: please oh please put this on YouTube!


This video is from the Argentine Tango studio he’s studying at right now in Buenos Aries. It shows two local tango dancers (husband and wife, I think) just doing their thing in one corner of a crowded studio. They’re not trying to be flashy. And they’re not in turbo-super-self-conscious  practice mode either. They’re just dancing. It’s a private moment in the middle of a crowded room, and all the more special because of it.

I’ll try to find another example on youtube that’s more accessible and I’ll put that up.


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