Knitting Design Software

Ok folks, I’m dipping my toes ever so slightly into knitwear design. Just for fun, at this point. I’ve created simple designs for myself before, but nothing complicated or, really, written down.

I’ve just completed a rough draft of instructions and a chart for a pair of colorwork mittens. For the charts, I used the spreadsheet software that comes with Libreoffice (a free MS Excel clone for Mac).

Having done this, I’m left with the earnest desire to see if there’s a better solution out there.

What do you like to use? Have you found knitting design software that has truly made your life easier? Do you have different software you use for different purposes?



  1. I had Sweater Wizard on my old PC and it worked very well. I took a class at Stitches and bought a different one, but now I have no clue what it is. Gah! I am such a dunce. The 2nd one I bought is very detailed and does all kinds of things, but I just never learned to use it well.

  2. I use Intwined Studio. It’s simple, inexpensive and to the point. Not as functional as it could be but it works. I liked the idea of Envisionknit but at the time it was not available for Mac.

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