I want to cast on all the things, but I won’t…


Now that the holidays are over and I am done knitting gifts I am consumed with the desire to cast on all the projects that have been calling to me.


  • Ariel by Brandy Velten because I have the most perfect yarn ever for this in my stash. Northern Lights, by Cyborg’s Craft Room. Can’t wait for this sweater.

Image from Cyborg’s Craft Room Instagram feed.

  • Sheep Heid hat by Kate Davies.  Because no one can have enough sheep to wear on their head.  Perhaps I’ll clean up and spin some of the Shetland , CVM and Cormo fleece I have in my stash and knit the entire thing from handspun, naturally colored wool.  That would be a good project. And not nearly so intimidating as spinning enough yarn for a sweater.
  • Peerie Flooers mittens by Kate Davies. I think I have enough fingering weight scraps of the right colors to knit these now. I’m not much of a sock knitter, so colorwork mittens are my purse project of choice.

As I said, I’d like to cast on all these projects…but I won’t, because I have far too many neglected UFOs to tend to first.

  • Nearly-Headless Noodle. Poor little thing. He’s not only headless, he’s missing all his limbs, his tail, his ears, and well…pretty much everything. I’ve got to finish this little guy. Although I might start him over at a tighter gauge.
  • Docklight. I put this one aside to knit my husband’s #NaKniSweMo2015 sweater. But now I can knit away on this one full speed.
  • The little Clara dress I started over the holidays. I don’t really have any guilt feelings about this one yet. But I should try to finish it before next Christmas.
  • Evenstar shawl, which I used to find so stimulating. I’m sure I would again if I would just pick it up. The yarn is amazing (Grinning Gargoyle 100% silk!). The pattern is amazing. The only thing not amazing is my progress. It’s been sitting for almost two years. Time to reenergize.


Willpower. Must use willpower.



18 thoughts on “I want to cast on all the things, but I won’t…

    • caityrosey

      Thanks. It’s a lot of fun. It looks so complex, but like so many lace patterns, it isn’t all that bad when you take it section by section. I tell myself this when I think about picking it up again.

  1. You had me giggling at “squirrel!”. Like you, I am resisting the urge to cast on all the things. Am diligently working on my UFOs, but have so.many.plans. for all the exciting knits once they are done! Hiro looks amazing. I want some colourwork in my life… I might have to add that to my list too!!

    • caityrosey

      Its hard to stay focused. I have to remind myself that my knitting isn’t a duty, a job, or a sport. I don’t have any obligation to finish the things I start before starting new ones, except that it’s nice to occasionally finish things. Plus one eventually runs out of needles.

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