My Trip to France…in Fiber

My husband and I spent the last two weeks in France. I brought a knitting project and a spinning project along to keep me entertained, but it was the spinning that got the most attention. I brought a sturdy little Akerworks spindle in the smallest size they offer. It was easy to tuck into my purse or backpack for a day of sight seeing. Easy to take apart and put together again.

Spinning in the Minneapolis airport.
Spinning in the gardens at Petit Trianon
Spinning leaning against a megalith near Carnac
Stopping to admire a splendid cop, while at dinner in Tours.
Spinning in the gorgeous backyard of our B&B in Tours.
Taking a break from the crowds near Montmartre in Paris.
Spinning during a classical concert at Sainte Chapelle
Spinning on the train on the way to Versailles.
Spinning next to a fountain (and watching the ducks) at the Jardins des Tuileries in Paris
Spinning from the second floor of the Eiffel tower.
Spinning at Mont St. Michel

We took a moment on one of our days in Paris to get together with Cathy, a new friend and fellow knitting blogger from Paris. She guided us to a local yarn store, where I spent a happy few minutes browsing. They display their yarn very differently than I am used to. All of the yarn is displayed as samples hanging from the walls. Once you have identified what you want, the shop assistant will wind off the amount you want (by weight) from large cones kept in the back of the shop.

thumb_IMG_3495_1024While touring chateaux and palaces I took time to appreciate the tapestries and other fibery wonders on display.

Tapestries and needlework at Versailles:

thumb_IMG_3684_1024 thumb_IMG_3685_1024 thumb_IMG_3700_1024

Musee D’Orsay – paintings of women spinning or doing needlework, as well as a work of art in fiber.

thumb_IMG_3788_1024 thumb_IMG_3845_1024 thumb_IMG_3857_1024

A very, very old spindle and whorls at the Musee de Prehistoire in Carnac.


Astounding samples of tapestry from various chateaux in the Loire Valley.

thumb_IMG_4610_1024 thumb_IMG_4612_1024 thumb_IMG_4621_1024 thumb_IMG_4622_1024 thumb_IMG_4672_1024 thumb_IMG_4736_1024 thumb_IMG_4743_1024

An amazing, fiberrific trip.


  1. Gorgeous! Also, I’m jealous that you can spindle. My spindles and I are not friends. I prefer Viktor (my wheel)….but he’s quite the PITA to travel with. ::sigh::

    • Up until now, I’ve preferred my wheels too. But after this trip,my little spindle and I are becoming very close.

  2. What a wonderful trip. Lots of spinning done. Each time to knit with that spun yarn, it will bring back the most pleasant memories. 🙂
    Thanks for all the beautiful pictures of the trip, I loved seeing them through your eyes.

  3. So happy you saw the old spindle in Carnac Museum ! It was fun meeting with you, thanks for trying to teach me spinning ! It makes me realize I still haven’t posted the pictures of the Paris visits on my blog, but I did knit a goth lace scarf thinking about our talk !

    • It was wonderful to meet you too. I hope you find a knitting group that works for you soon.

      What makes your scarf “goth.” Is it simply black? Or is there something else “gothy” about it?

      • It’s dark plum, and has a nice but simple lace pattern, basic feather and fan, but it does the job.

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